Breathe Easy with the Air Scubber Plus

Air Scrubber is an indoor air quality solutions that cleans the air in your entire home. The EPA has found that indoor air can often be substantially more polluted than air outside, and may lead to negative health effects. Robinson Air is proud to offer installation of this whole-house air cleaning system, which is easily attached to your home’s existing cooling and heating system.

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We recently bought a house and the previous owners left their poor puppies to die in the garage. Which left the most awful smell. We tried EVERYTHING to remove the smell. Scrubbed the floor, ceiling, and walls with every chemical possible and nothing budged the smell. We bought an Air Scrubber, as suggested by employee Mike Heinlein. AND IT WORKED! There is absolutely no trace of any dog smell, no musky smell, nothing! We are so thankful for Robinson Heat and Air!

Kressie S. - Walters, OK, Air Scrubber

Air Scrubber
Since I have had this installed, the air quality in my house has improved 100%. It used to be that I would go outside and my nose would clear up; now I come inside and my nose clears up. We can no longer smell ammonia from the animals and my husband’s cigarette smoke clears up within 30 minutes. The house smells GREAT! I wish I had known about this product earlier.

Beth N. - Marlow, OK, Air Scrubber

The Air Scrubber Plus Reduces Harmful Airborne Contaminants

Hazardous airborne contaminants can cause:

  • Eye Irritation
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Headaches
  • Worsening of existing asthma symptoms
Air Scrubber Plus image improve the indoor air quality in your home

How It Works

Air Scrubber Plus uses certified space technology developed by NASA to keep your home’s air clean.

Using Enviro Scrubbing Technology, the Air Scrubber Plus produces negative and positive ions, the ions force dust particles to stick into larger clumps. When these clumps are large enough, they are trapped by the filter in your cooling and heating system or falls to the ground. This reduces the harmful particles from being distributed throughout your home’s air.

The Air Scrubber Plus drastically reduces contaminant particles including:

  • Pollen
  • Animal dander
  • Dust
  • Odor causing particles from cooking and cigarette smoke

The Air Scrubber Plus uses ActivePure Technology which is proven to reduce up to 99% of dangerous contaminants on surfaces in your home, like bathroom and kitchen counter-tops. ActivePure Technology is also proven to get rid of up to 90% of the airborne contaminants in your air. This reduction in contaminants, both in the air and on surfaces, goes a long way in keeping your home cleaner and healthier, especially considering how many foreign particles like bacteria, viruses and dust are tracked into your home every day by your family.

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