Committing to a more energy efficient lifestyle is one of the Greenest things you can do for the environment. Every little step helps! Energy for heating and cooling our homes accounts for more than 50% of the energy used in the average American household. Inadequate or poorly installed insulation and air leakage are some of the leading causes of energy waste in most homes. Proper insulation can save you money and make your home more comfortable.

The right amount of insulation will help your home maintain a uniform temperature in every room, and will keep your walls and floors warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Why and Where Should I Insulate My Home?

HVAC Technician blow in insulation for attic near Lawton, OK

If your home has little or no insulation at all, heat will evaporate faster causing your heating system to work harder and less efficiently. Properly installing the right amount of insulation will allow you to use your heating and cooling system less, keeping your house more energy efficient. Areas of your home like attics (if your home has one) and windows and doors can all be a factor in heat loss. Any area of the house located near doorways to the outside should be carefully inspected for air leaks or improper insulation. Sealing off any gaps, cracks or holes by windows and doorways will insure your home’s insulation is working at its optimum level.

If your home happens to have a basement or crawlspace, you should check to see if the ceiling of that area is insulated, which will insulate the above floor. Insulating these areas of your home is paramount in helping to maintain a more comfortable temperature throughout the rest of your home. Even if there is carpeting on the floor above, cold air can still seep into other areas of the home. This insulation will act almost like a barrier, effectively keeping the cold air from rising.

Attic blow in insulation near Lawton, OK

It’s Just Air, What Harm Can It Do?

Homeowners may also encounter a more serious concern if their home is not properly insulated; moisture and condensation accumulation. These problems will occur when warm air hits cold surfaces, turning the vapor into a liquid form. Moisture can cause a variety of other problems like mold and mildew that could lead to potentially hazardous health risks for you and your family. Moisture and condensation could also lead to serious damages to the home’s foundation, thus weakening its structural integrity.

It’s not uncommon for your energy savings to more than enough to cover the cost of the insulation within the first year, which is important as utility rates go up Robinson Air wants to offer you the best in energy saving opportunities. Their highly trained team will complete a home energy audit to find any possible areas where air or heat may be seeping out. Once the audit is finished, you will have a personalized plan to save you money and keep your home as energy efficient as possible.

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