Transfer Heat from Colder Areas in Your Home

Heat pumps are generally more energy efficient than gas fueled systems and use electricity to move air either into your home or out of your home through a central duct system for your cooling and heating needs.  Heat pumps do not create heat, but simply move it from one place to another depending on your home’s comfort needs. No matter your heat pump needs, Robinson Air has got you covered.

Conventional Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are utilized in areas that generally have mild winters and provide comfortable heating even in areas with periods temperatures below freezing. When it’s cold outside, the pump moves heat from the outside air into your home, providing comfortable warmth for your home.

The heating process works like this:

  1. The refrigeration cycle is reversed, utilizing the outside coil for the evaporator and making the indoor coil work as a condenser.
  2. Lines that run from your outdoor component to your indoor component moves refrigerant. 
  3. Heat energy is captured from the outdoor air and moved inside as the evaporator coil releases it.
  4. A fan moves air from your home into your home’s ducts.
  5. Refrigerant absorbs heat from the outside air through the outdoor coil and the warmed air is then circulated throughout your homes duct system.

Ductless Mini Split Heat Pumps

Ductless mini split heat pumps are a type of air to air heat pump that work on the same principle, but do not use a centralized duct system. These can be installed in houses without even without centralized air duct systems. These are comprised of a compressor that is housed outside and an air-handling unit inside. Ductless mini splits are usually installed to meet the needs of one room, but multiple rooms can be cooled and heated from one outdoor compressor unit with the installation of more components. These two units are connected by a conduit.

Benefits of ductless mini splits:

  • Less of a hassle to install.
  • They’re also very energy efficient as they avoid the estimated 30% of energy lost through air ducts in forced air systems.
  • Save you money on utility bills

One advantage of a split system is that there is only a small hole in your wall as opposed to a window mounted, or units that are put directly into your wall which can become potential access points for any trespassers. These units are also environmentally friendly as they do not expel dangerous gases as they operate.

AC Function

A heat pump also provides comfortable cooling to your home. When it’s warm outside, the pump moves heat from inside your home, into the outdoors, leaving your home cool and comfortable in the heat.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The warm air within your home is moved into the duct system by a fan.
  2. The compressor moves refrigerant from the indoor evaporator and the outdoor condensing component.
  3. Warm air moves to the air handler as refrigerant is pushed from the outside condenser coil towards the interior evaporator coil. This refrigerant soaks up the heat when it crosses over the air from indoors.
  4. Once this air is dehumidified and cooled it is moved throughout the ductwork of your home, reducing the temperature of your living space

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