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In Burkburnett, TX, temperatures fall below freezing when winter hits. While this type of weather is not near the winter climate in other areas of the United States, it is still cold enough that you want your home to have heat you can count on!

A cold home is uncomfortable and can make you feel miserable if temperatures really drop. Plus, a cold home can lead to burst water pipes – causing a huge mess and a major headache!

Before colder temperatures knock on your door, be sure your Burkburnett, TX home is ready to blast the heat so you are comfortable throughout the year.

Heating Services

Our heating services are meant for any Burkburnett, TX homeowner. We offer an assortment of services — all related to your heating unit to guarantee it is always up for the job.

Heating Repair

No matter how well your heating unit is running, repairs are needed from time to time. We repair all heating systems regardless of make or model, whether these systems are gas or electric.

Repairs are often necessary when dealing with older units 15 to 20 years of age.

When repairs are needed, we have found worn mechanical features in the unit are to blame for your heat not working. In addition, there could be problems such as:

  • Ignition control and pilot issues
  • Dirt caked filters
  • A thermostat is not properly communicating with the furnace

These repairs are situations we can handle, and we are available 24/7 to ensure your home does not feel like you are living in Antarctica.

Heating Installation

We also offer heating installation services if you have built a new home or know your old furnace needs to be replaced. We will work with you to find a unit that best fits your heating needs and budget.

We can also diagnose whether a repair or new unit would be in your home’s best interest. We never want our customers to feel like they were taken advantage of, so we offer an honest assessment.

Heating Pump Install & Repair

Heat pumps are considered more energy efficient than gas-fueled systems, which is why many Burkburnett homeowners choose heat pump systems. We offer both conventional heat pumps and ductless mini-split heat pumps.

We can work with you to ascertain if heating pumps are a good option for your new home or replacing your existing furnace.

Our Maintenance Plan

For those who want to make sure their heating system is always working top-notch, we have designed our maintenance plan with you in mind. With our maintenance plan, you get benefits like:

  • Lower repair bills
  • Discount on parts and labor
  • Preferred customer service
  • Longer life for equipment

We will check your furnace annually to spot any issues before they become major problems which will help to prevent your home from becoming heatless. Our maintenance plan is designed to keep your furnace functioning at 100%.

Why Homeowners Call Robinson Air

Those who live in Burkburnett, TX, call us because we are professionals who care. For this reason, we settle for nothing less than your complete satisfaction.

The core values that dictate our every move are:

  • Respect for each other as well are our customers
  • Reliability in all that we do
  • Professional while staying humorous

In addition, we believe in clear communication, so you know what we are doing, who is doing the work, and why we are doing it. It is the reason we let you know which technology will be at your home, so you feel more at ease.

We understand that heating emergencies happen, sometimes outside of business hours. Our 24/7 service guarantees we get someone to your home as soon as possible to correct the problem.

We sincerely care about the area, which is why we are so devoted to our customers. We treat each customer as if they were family, so you know there will only be honesty when we deal with your heating equipment.

FAQ About Heating

Can We Repair Any Brand Or Make Of Heating Equipment?

Yes, we can! We pride ourselves on knowing our heating equipment. Due to this extensive knowledge, we can repair any brand or model of equipment.

How Long Does The Average Furnace Last?

The answer depends on your furnace’s condition; however, we can give you some general estimates. Consumer Reports state:

  • Electric furnaces last roughly 15 years
  • Gas furnaces last up to 18 years
  • Oil furnaces can last up to 20 years
Is A Furnace Tune-Up Each Year Necessary?

Yes! Our maintenance plan ensures yearly tune-ups are followed.

A furnace is an essential element of your home. Keeping it appropriately tuned means energy savings and knowing your furnace will operate properly when turned on.

What Is Our 2 AM Standard?

The 2 AM Standard is all about being there for you when you need us, regardless of time. We believe in answering the phone, replying to your emails, and booking you a service call as soon as we can.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Daniel has a wonderful disposition and took the time to explain and answer all the questions I had.”


I have always received nothing but good customer service from Robinson Air, and all the technicians are very pleased and easy to talk to. Thank you for making my life comfortable.”


Daniel was a great representative for the Company (Robertson Air). He serviced both of our heating and air units. After the service, they ran like new. Thank you, Daniel!”


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