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Are you suffering from extreme heat in your home during the hot Central High, OK summers? Your AC system could be to blame, and you don’t have to suffer in silence! Contact Robinson Air for AC services that take your home from sweltering to comfortable bliss.

A hot home may not cause problems for your plumbing like a cold home, but it can be miserable. If you have breathing issues, hot and humid air in your home can make these issues even worse. Plus, who wants to relax on their couch while sweating through their clothing?

Robinson Air is happy to offer our AC services to the Central High, OK, area, and we look forward to helping your home be comfortable.

Air Conditioning Services

We offer several air conditioning services to those in the Central High, OK, area. You can rest assured that every service will get top-notch, honest, and timely customer service.

AC Repair

If your AC is no longer performing as it should, you hear odd noises coming from your unit, or you notice that despite the thermostat set as it should be, your home is only getting warmer — then call us for AC repair.

As an air conditioning unit ages, parts wear out, needing to be replaced to function correctly. Our AC repair is meant to get you back up and running before you start to consider standing in front of your freezer as your last chance of cooling down!

New AC Installation

If your AC is beyond repair or you have a new home that needs an AC installed, we are the professionals to contact. We will help you choose and install an AC unit that perfectly fits your home’s square footage.

We work with all makes and models, and we will discuss the best option for your home and budget.

Comfort Club

We’ve designed our AC maintenance plans to help our customers who want to stay a step ahead of their AC. We will annually check your AC to find issues before they become significant problems.

With our Comfort Club, you are going to benefit by:

  • Getting a longer life out of your equipment
  • Decreased repair bills
  • Lower utility bills
  • A 15% discount on parts and labor when required
  • Discounted rates on diagnostics ran

And, of course, you still get our fantastic customer service. Overall, this maintenance plan is the path to peace of mind knowing you won’t be left with a hot home that is unbearable.

Why Do People Turn To Robinson Air?

While Robinson Air was started in 2011, our roots go further back in our community. We live and work here and care about Central High, OK’s homeowners. For this reason, we are indeed the community company to call for AC services. Our team is ready to treat each customer as a neighbor, which shows in how we treat each customer!

Our core values are driving forces in how we approach each job and how we treat our customers. These values include:

  • Treating everyone with respect, including our team members
  • Ensuring we are reliable, no matter the time in which issues come up for our customers
  • Being professionals no matter what, but not forgetting our humor

We also ensure we communicate effectively with our customers. We want you to understand what you need in an AC unit and what we recommend doing – you’ll never be left wondering why or when you are paying for services.

This level of dedication to our customers, coupled with our availability – our 2 AM standard is all about being here whenever you need us – has people turning to us and continuing to call us with any problems.

FAQ About Air Conditioning

Why Can’t You Turn The AC Down More When It Is Not Cooling The House Properly?

While you can keep turning your thermostat down to cool your house, you risk doing more damage to your AC unit. It is best to find out what is causing your AC unit to not cool appropriately at the temperature you have set in your home.

What Are Some Signs You Need AC Repair Services?

Several signs point to needing an AC repair. These signs may include:

  • Odd noises coming from your unit you have not heard before
  • An increase in your energy bill
  • Your home is not as cool as it should be
  • An AC unit that is not shutting off as it should or turning on when it should

Any time you notice your AC is not performing as it once did means it is time to call and have it checked out.

How Can You Aid Your AC In Keeping Your House Cool?

Sometimes the summer heat is so scorching that you feel like your AC unit is not enough. Central High, OK, heat can be brutal. For this reason, we always recommend using fans to help circulate the air better, keeping your shades shut when the sun is high in the sky, and cutting down on using your oven during hot periods of the day.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Kyle did a great job evaluating my AC and recommending some upgrades. Fixed my initial problem right away. He’s a keeper!!!”


“It was so nice to make it thru another summer season and finish strong and in good shape… all in the green zone. I’m sure it’s because all y’all at Robinson notice tiny details before we have problems. Thanks for keeping us up and running.”


“Daniel explained everything he was doing step by step. Very knowledgeable. I would recommend Robinson Air to anyone.”


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Let’s get your home fully functioning again!

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