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A Conventional Water Heater May Be
What Your Duncan, OK, Home Needs

Suffering With Hot Water Loss? You May Need
Your Conventional Water Heater Replaced

How well does your current Duncan, OK, conventional water heater work? Do you have enough hot water for the entire family to shower every morning?

Is your water heater making noises that are not normal? Or does your water heater leak slightly, requiring towels around it on the floor?

In situations where your conventional water heater is performing at any level less than perfect, you may need a replacement. After all, do you want to be mid-shower only to have the hot water turn cold? It can be a huge shock to your system when that happens!

Robinson Air is here to help you with your conventional water heater needs, whether you need a replacement or a simple repair. We have served the Stephens County area for all its plumbing and HVAC needs for years.

We don’t want anyone to feel like having hot water is a luxury they can’t afford, as we can work with you to get what you need.

Robinson Air Conventional Water Heater Services

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Say Adios To Cold Water And An Unreliable Water Heater

Water heaters are something that should be customized to what your household needs. Or at least, that is how we look at it. After all, no two households will have the same hot water usage, so why would the same water heater work for both?

That is why we approach your water heater replacement or repair with your needs first. We talk with you about your hot water usage, the number of bathrooms in your home, and the number of members in your household.

Having the information lets us suggest a conventional water heater that will work for your needs and ensure that lack of hot water is no longer an issue.

Whether you want a conventional water heater that works with natural gas, propane, or electricity, we can handle it. And if your water heater needs repairs to be as good as new, we also handle that.

Your water heater is a vital component of your home. Without it, you may feel as though the quality of your life is affected – because it is.

When a conventional water heater is an issue, we are the solution.

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Robinson Air: An Honest Plumber You Can Trust

Customers Love Us And They Have A Good Reason To

Being honest is a huge component of our attitude here at Robinson Air. We want our customers and the community to think of us when they think of an honest plumber. Luckily, many people do in the Duncan, OK, area.

Core Values

No business can run successfully without some core values in place that every member of the business will have. Our core values include the following:

  • Workmanship we are proud to have
  • Small details are our specialty
  • No hassle for our customers
  • Professional attitudes
  • Communicate clearly
  • Reliability

Each and every member of the team here at Robinson Air does their job with these core values in mind.

Our Team

One of the comments many of our customers make is how our entire team is qualified to deal with any problem. That is because they are. When any homeowner has a water heater issue, we send out our team members who deal with water heaters.

24/7 Service

There is no rule that states your water heater will stop working during normal business hours. In fact, most people would argue it always seems to happen at the worst time possible. That is why we offer emergency services to our customers when they need them.

What Robinson Air Customers Tell Others

We Enjoy Hearing The Love From Our Customers

Called on a Saturday around 2 pm. The heater wasn’t coming on. Their rep scheduled a repair between 3 pm and 5 pm. Our tech showed up before 3:30 pm, found the problem, replaced the part, and was gone within an hour. That’s same-day service!

Julia D.

Robinson Air was outstanding. Their workmanship and professionalism were the best I have experienced in all my years. They were very respectful and thorough. I will recommend them to anyone who needs this type of service. Thank you.

Jan T.

Really did enjoy visiting with the technician. Very nice man, and he was very professional, answering any questions I had. Thank you for promptly getting back to me and sending your technician.


FAQs About Conventional Water Heaters

How Long Will A Conventional Water Heater Last?

The average lifespan of a conventional water heater is anywhere from ten to fifteen years. A lot of factors influence how long it will last, including proper maintenance and how often it is used.

How Do I Maintain My Conventional Water Heater?

Conventional water heater maintenance includes emptying it at least once a year. Emptying the tank helps to get rid of the sediment that may be settling into the bottom and helps it to run more efficiently.

We also recommend you visually check the unit monthly to ensure there are no leaks that could ruin your floor.

What Is The Largest Conventional Water Heater Size I Can Get?

Water heaters come in various sizes, ranging from 100-gallon tanks. But remember, the larger the tank, the more energy it will use to create the hot water.

So, while you may think your small family of three should get a 100-gallon tank, it will cost more in the long run. On average, families use a 40 to 60-gallon tank.

What Should I Do If My Water Heater Starts To Leak?

If your water heater starts to leak, you first need to turn off the water supply. Then lay down some towels to get up the water from your floor. Finally, call us to get a free quote for a repair or replacement.

Should I Opt To Replace A Water Heater Rather Than Repairing It?

When we take a look at your conventional water heater, we will be honest about what your options are. If we think the repair will only save you for one month, we will tell you that.

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