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Ductwork Replacement For The Comfort
Of Your Duncan, OK, Home

Ensure Your Comfort And Health

Could your home benefit from ductwork replacement in Duncan, OK? This is a question that not many homeowners know how to answer. Many people think the ductwork in their home is meant to last forever or at least for their lifetime.

However, ductwork can and does need to be replaced occasionally. As ductwork ages, it becomes less energy efficient, which will cause your HVAC to work harder and your energy bills to increase. In addition, damaged ductwork often carries tons of dust and debris into your air, leading to breathing issues.

Knowing this, can you honestly state your Stephens County ductwork is up to par with where it should be? If you are not sure, Robinson Air is here to diagnose if there could be issues that need to be addressed.

Our Ductwork Replacement Services

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Let Your Air Flow Easily In Your Home

When the ductwork of your home is no longer in tip-top shape, you will see the effects. However, the effects may be slow, meaning you may not notice them until you see super high energy bills and your HVAC system is running harder than ever.

On average, ductwork must be replaced every twenty years or so. If you have added new rooms to your home, your ductwork must be redone and reworked to accommodate the larger space.

Some of the benefits of replacing your ductwork include the following:

  • Lowered energy bills
  • Fewer breathing issues
  • Evenly heated and cooled rooms
  • Your HVAC system will work more efficiently

Overall, the ductwork may be one of the hidden elements in your home that can pack a punch when it comes to the comfort level in your home.

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Why Duncan, OK, Homeowners Turn To Robinson Air

Our Quality Work & Customer Service Is Top Notch

If your ductwork is not working correctly in your home, then replacing it is the only option. But why are so many people turning to us for their ductwork replacement needs?

Our Strong Core Values

Respect, reliability, communication, and much more are all a part of how we treat our customers because we have strong core values dictating how we treat our customers and our community. Luckily, every member of Robinson Air feels strongly about our core values and always puts them first in everything they do.

Our Experts Are The Best

When anything in your home needs work, you want experts that you can trust to be the ones that handle the work. Luckily, ours are at the top of their industry. You can rest easy in the fact that we know exactly what we are doing in your home.

We put a one-year warranty on every aspect of our ductwork replacement because we believe in our work and in the quality of our products.

Customers Always Come First

Do you want to feel like people are listening to your issues? Of course, you do! As part of putting our customers first, we always listen to what issues they may be having.

Communication is vital for you to feel at ease with letting us handle your issues and ensuring you always come first.

What Our Ductwork Replacement Customers Are Saying

Our Customers Kind Words Make Everything We Do Worth It

The technician came promptly, worked diligently, and helped deal with our situation quickly. He diagnosed our problem and recommended additional services we didn’t know we needed. We called the office and arranged for this to take place. We are very satisfied with the company and doubly satisfied with the technician’s help. Thank you, Robinson Air.

Christopher C.

We’ve been customers of Robinson Air for several years now and always get great quality service! They have quick response times and are persistent in figuring out the issues. They don’t pressure us into replacing or adding features they didn’t think we need, and I can trust their recommendations.

Sydney T.

Everyone was very polite, professional, and respectful. These guys knew exactly what to do and when to do it. They worked diligently and respected me and my property. Thanks again for great service.

Judy D.

Ductwork Replacement FAQ

Q: Is There A Way For Me To Tell If My Ductwork Needs Help?

A: While your HVAC is running, if you can see your ductwork, you may place your hands around it. If you feel the air hitting your hands, your ductwork is no longer sealed and needs professional help.

Q: Why Does New Ductwork Help Breathing Issues?

A: As ductwork ages, no matter how many times you change your filter, you will find dust and debris that get into it. Unless you are having your ductwork professionally cleaned, chances are the dust and debris are lingering, and the spores are making their way into the air you breathe each time your AC or heat turns on.

Q: What Is The Average Lifespan Of Ductwork?

A: Twenty years is the average lifespan of ductwork. After 20 years, ductwork has aged to the point that air leaks, making your HVAC work harder.

Q: What Is That Smell When I Turn On The HVAC?

A: If it has been a while since your HVAC has been turned on, the smell can be the air rushing through your ductwork, and all the debris there is making itself known. If you continuously smell something from your vents, it could mean you have mold and mildew growing in the ductwork.

Q: Do You Offer Financing?

A: We get that ductwork replacement may be one of those expenses you are not prepared for. We offer financing for lots of projects that your home may need.

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