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Have you ever been in a situation where your HVAC system is not working in your Lawton, OK, home? If you have, you know how horrible the temperature can become in your home.

During the winter, you could feel like you are suffering from frostbite. However, in the summer, you may feel like you could sweat to death. To avoid situations that make your home uncomfortable, having a qualified HVAC technician you trust on speed dial is necessary!

Luckily, Robinson Air is here to prove your Comanche County area home with HVAC service that will ensure your home is comfortable!

Our Residential HVAC Services

When it comes to HVAC services, we provide it all! We are your one-stop shop for anything related to the HVAC system in your home.

Heating Services

When it comes to the heat in your Lawton, OK, home, we do it all. We offer heating repair, heating installation, and heating pump install and repair. When your home feels like it is auditioning to belong on a survival show in Antarctica – we are here to make it warm again.

Ventilation Services

Our ventilation services ensure that your heating and air conditioning units are running efficiently to heat or cool your entire home. Ventilation is important to ensure adequate airflow throughout your home.

We offer ductwork services and test your ventilation with our home inspections. If a problem is found, we have a solution that will fix it perfectly.

AC Services

Our AC services ensure your AC is running correctly. We offer repairs of any make and model of units. In addition, we offer AC system replacement when your old unit is beyond fixing.

When your AC is not cooling correctly, numerous issues could be present. Our trained HVAC technicians will pinpoint the problem to get your home cool again.

Comfort Club

The Comfort Club is all about keeping your home comfortable and ensuring your HVAC unit is always running efficiently. Since we maintain the unit, our Comfort Club members often get longer equipment life and lower utility bills.

Of course, whether you are a member of our Comfort Club or not, we offer you the chance to order air filters through us to ensure you always get the right size for your HVAC unit.

Why Do Our Customers Turn To Us?

Our dedication to stellar customer service is one of the reasons why so many of our customers are return customers and why they recommend us to their friends and family in the Comanche County area.

When you combine our customer service with our core values and knowledge in the HVAC industry, we are the go-to residential HVAC providers in the area. As part of our customer service, we always follow up about the service you receive and ensure an open line of communication.

We offer a 2 AM Standard for those needing HVAC services, as we know just how uncomfortable your Lawton, OK, home can be when you don’t have heat or air running correctly. We aim to get to you as fast as possible to ensure you are no longer uncomfortable as you must be.

FAQs About HVAC Services

What Is The Average Lifespan Of A Furnace?

Most furnaces last anywhere from fifteen to twenty years, depending upon the type of furnace. Electric furnaces last the shortest time, while oil furnaces last longer.

If An AC Starts Blowing Hot Air, What Is The Problem?

There could be numerous issues, but it can be a clogged air filter causing the hot air in many cases. Other times it may be more complex, like the refrigerant running too low or dirty evaporator coils.

What Are Signs Your Ductwork Needs Servicing?

One of the most significant issues with ductwork is leaks. Leaks can make your home less cool or warm than you want. Leaky ductwork can cause a higher energy bill since the unit works harder to reach the desired temperature.

Do We Offer Financing For HVAC Services?

Yes, we offer financing for those who may find that their HVAC services will cost more than planned. It benefits those needing to replace their entire unit in their Lawton, OK, home.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Excellent customer service from the technician and all the team installing my new HVAC system and water heater. The team was on time, hard-working and respectful. They did an excellent job explaining any questions I had and cleaned up after themselves. Such hard workers and top-notch!”

Shirley C.

“We had our units serviced and ducts cleaned by a team from Robinson Air. Both of them were very knowledgeable and didn’t mind educating me while they completed the job. They were extremely polite, cleaned up after themselves, and spoke highly of the company. I was very impressed with the service from the initial call to schedule until the job was completed!”

Danita H.

“Excellent customer service from the team installing our new HVAC system. The team was on time, hard-working and respectful. They did an excellent job explaining any questions we had and cleaned up after themselves. Top-notch!”

Ashley F.

“Robinson Air does a great job keeping our HVAC system at peak performance. Their technicians are very approachable and knowledgeable; they will answer any question. We’ve always had great service from them. I appreciate their great attitude!”

Patrick O.

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