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Tried And True Conventional Water Heaters
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Dependable And Sturdy Traditional Water Heaters

What happens in your Lawton, OK, home when the hot water runs out? This is a familiar feeling for homeowners with older water heaters. If your current heater is nearing its end and you want a dependable option, Robinson Air can help you upgrade.

We all know how crucial your morning or evening shower routine can be. It sets you up for the rest of your day. But it throws off your entire schedule when you don’t have the hot water you need.

With a new conventional water heater from Robinson Air, you can count on your hot water supply whenever you need it most.

Our Conventional Water Heater Services

A conventional water heater is one of Comanche County area houses’ more commonly seen systems. And for good reason!

These traditional tanks will be more affordable than tankless options. Plus, depending upon the tank size, it more than covers how much hot water you need. We’ll help you choose the right system for the realities of daily life, so you’ll never be left suffering through a cold shower.

Water Heater Repair

It’s not just age that impacts a water heater’s performance. There are a few common issues that our technicians will look for when we first inspect your system.

  • A leak in the tank could be leaking out all the hot water
  • For conventional gas water heaters, the pilot light could be out
  • Rust and debris could be clogging the lines, not allowing hot water to get to your bathrooms or kitchen

We offer repair of your conventional water heaters, as well as replacing your water heater if it needs it.

When we arrive at your home, we can determine if replacement or repair is in your best interest. If the water heater is only a few years old, repairing it might be your best option.

However, if the hot water heater is old, replacing it may be the best option for a steady hot water supply and more energy efficiency.

Why Do People Choose To Work With Us?

Here at Robinson Air, we pride ourselves on being friendly and competent in all that we do. Customer service is the backbone of working in the Lawton, OK, area, and we’re committed to providing a stress-free experience for all our customers.

That means being honest and direct, and never wasting your time. If you have a question during the process, we’ll take our time to explain a solution so you’ll feel comfortable and knowledgeable about your water heater.

From the moment you reach out to our team, we want you to feel at ease. You will receive a text before we arrive, along with the technician’s name, so you can feel safe and secure with your appointment.

Once we are at your home, we will put on protective boot covers to ensure we are not dragging in a mess. We would hate for someone to track dirt into our homes, so we give our customers the same courtesy.

Our commitment to excellence doesn’t end when the job is finished. We always follow up to ensure our customers are pleased, and we even send a tin of cookies to show our appreciation for choosing Robinson Air to handle your water heater needs.

FAQs About Conventional Water Heaters

How Long Do Conventional Water Heaters Last?

On average, conventional water heaters last anywhere from eight to twelve years. Proper maintenance can ensure these last even longer. Care may include flushing the tank and even cleaning the air intake to ensure it works flawlessly for many years.

Is An Electric Or Gas Conventional Water Tank More Efficient?

Both are going to be energy efficient as today’s rules are going to ensure they are. However, there are pros and cons to each option. First, you must decide which would work best in your home.

Those who do not have a gas line could have gas run to their home to run a gas water heater if the option is present. Otherwise, electric models are what many people end up going with.

The key is to find a tank that fits your water needs. A small tank will not be large enough if five or more people use the water in your home. But no worries, as we can suggest what size will work for your home.

What Are Signs Your Water Heater Is Getting Ready To Quit?

Some signs point to your conventional water heater being near the end of its life. These signs include the following:

  • Taking longer and longer for the water to be hot
  • Discolored water
  • The tank is making sounds that are not normal

At any point, if you think there is an issue, a professional needs to look at the water tank.

Is It Safe To Attempt DIY Water Heater Repair?

Absolutely not! Whether you are dealing with an electric or gas water tank, you are dealing with items that could be dangerous to your health. We always recommend letting the professionals handle any repair or replacement to ensure your home is safe.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Excellent customer service from Wes and all the team installing my new HVAC system and water heater. The team was on time, hard working, and respectful. They did an excellent job explaining any questions I had and cleaned up after themselves. Such hard workers and Top notch!”

Shirley C.

“This company was great! They gave me a fair price, and I felt like I got every bit of my dollars’ worth. I will continue to do business with these guys. The three men that came and did the install were all very hard workers and super respectable and knowledgeable of what they were doing. They kept me informed the whole time, and I feel like every person I interacted with went above and beyond what I expected. Great work from everyone involved.”

Javier S.

“Brandon is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. He is not pushy, gives multiple options and prices, and provides true quality service. We have been extremely grateful and appreciative of the service and care provided. Thank you!”

Daniel S.

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