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What comes to mind when you think “heat pump” for your Wichita Falls, TX, home? Many homeowners often think a heat pump is a way to only heat their home rather than offering heating and cooling options. However, that is a common misconception.

Heat pumps can heat and cool your home in a super energy-efficient method appealing to many Wichita County homeowners. Many people are ditching their old-school HVAC units for whole-house heat pump systems as they love the efficiency rating they get.

If a heat pump system may be in your future, Robinson Air is here to help you decide to leap!

Our Heat Pump Systems

A heat pump system uses electricity to move hot and cold air throughout your home. The system is so energy efficient because it does not produce heat or air – it uses what is readily available inside your home.

Many Wichita Falls, TX, homeowners find it reasonably simple to keep their home comfortable for everyone when using a heat pump. Robinson Air offers to install and repair two different heat pump systems, including conventional and ductless mini-split heat pumps.

Conventional Heat Pumps

Conventional heat pumps are the go-to type to install for mild to moderate winter areas. The heating process captures heat from the outdoor air and then moves this inside your home.

A fan will move the air around your home via ductwork to heat your space. For the air cooling feature, the hot air inside your home is forced into the duct system, pushed through the refrigerant lines, and then expelled back through your home.

Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pumps

While ductless mini-split heat pumps work like conventional heat pumps, the difference is that the ductless system allows you more control of individual rooms.

Many homes throughout the Wichita County area use the ductless system as they are considered the most energy-efficient of all heat pumps on the market – and they offer such personalized comfort.

Why Do People Turn To Us?

There are several reasons why people in the Wichita Falls, TX, area use us as their go-to professionals for their heating and air needs. One of the most common compliments we receive is how we are always on time for appointments.

We also strive to be reliable—one of the core values dictating our every move. In addition, we are more than comfortable answering any questions you may have, as an open line of communication is necessary for any job.

Many other customers come to us because of an emergency and find other contractors not listening. That is where our 2 AM Standard comes into play. Whenever you have a heating or cooling issue, no matter the time or day it happens, we are here to fix the problem and listen to what you need.

We treat each customer as the neighbor and friend that they are. Our story started over thirty years in the area. And even though Robinson Air opened our doors back in 2011 – we still call the area home. We do our best to ensure we give back to the community we love with kindness and high-quality service.

FAQs About Heat Pump Systems

How Much More Efficient Are Heat Pump Systems?

According to most studies, a heat pump system is considered up to five times more efficient than a traditional HVAC system. Annual savings on your energy bill could be anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand, depending on the energy efficiency rating of your old unit.

If The Outside Temperature Drops Below Freezing, Will Heat Pump Systems Still Work?

In most cases, freezing temperatures are not going to be an issue for your heat pump. The key is to get a unit rated for the area’s temperatures to ensure you are satisfied with how it heats and cools in the long run.

How Long Do Heat Pump Systems Last?

The heat pump system can last anywhere from ten to twenty years – as long as it is maintained as it should be. Hence, annual inspections are always a great idea to find minor issues before they become major.

Do We Offer Financing For Heat Pump Systems?

We offer financing you can use to have a new heat pump installed in your home. The application is straightforward, and you will find several options to ensure you get the best plan to fit your overall budget.

What Our Customers Are Saying

The technician was on time, professional, and knowledgeable about the issues. They fixed it fast and gave me the info on what happened and how it was fixed in great detail. Excellent job and effort. 10/10. I will use their service again.

– Lone K.

They made it out the next day. They got everything fixed and back running in less than an hour. Very professional, informative, and friendly.

– Nicholas M.

The technician was professional and very helpful. Answered all my questions and recommended some adjustments on how we use the heat pump to make our house more comfortable. Glad he came and serviced our system.

– Joe G.

Robinson Air is a class act business! Every interaction and experience with this company has exceeded my expectations. I will always unequivocally recommend Robinson Air with every opportunity I have…

– Paul T.

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