Marty Robinson

Marty Robinson : Warehouse Manager

Marty Robinson

Warehouse Manager

How Long Have You Worked in HVAC?:

5 Years


Mobile, AL, been in Lawton for 40 years

Describe What You Do:

Get equipment ready, make sure guys have all the parts they need, get equip on-site, manage parts inventory.

Favorite Aspect of My Job:

Making sure customers are happy.


Ride motorcycles

Favorite Quote:

“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” Friedrich Nietzsche

Interesting Fact About Me:

Marty has experience and survived many things throughout his life such as the Civil war, WWI, Great Depression, and WWII… Nah he just Plays bass guitar, and goes to motorcycle rallies.

Best Advice to Customers:

Appx 95% of problems with a unit can be avoided through proper maintenance such as changing the filter and cleaning the coil.