Plumbing FAQs

Plumbing FAQs

Do you offer 24/7 around-the-clock help with your heating services?

No. We can only offer 24/7 support on HVAC-related issues at this time. However, you can still give us a call and we’ll get you scheduled!

Do you work on appliances?

No, we do not.

We never seem to have enough hot water anymore. How long should my water heater last?

For most, the hot water tank is running around the clock. This is why we only install the highest quality models for our customers. Quality tanks provide an hour or more of hot water at little overall cost per day. As long as you maintain it well, it should last you quite a while.

How often do you suggest I flush out my home’s water heater?

If you consult water heater manufacturers and their guidelines, they recommend once a year. Make sure the water is going into an appropriate drain, to help process the sediment and mineral buildup in there. This is going to add YEARS to the service performance of your water heater and allow for better functionality.

How long should my water heater take to get warmed up and do its job?

Generally speaking, if we’re talking about a gas heater it should be a smidgen quicker than the electric models. Considerations include the size of your tank and the total BTU input. If you notice it’s taking more than an hour, or after an hour there’s little to no hot water, then give Robinson Air a call so we can have one of our plumbers come to take a look at it.

Do you think I should get a tankless water heater?

The reason tankless water heaters are so popular is that they provide a host of benefits. And, they’re convenient. But the answer to whether you should get one depends on a number of variables. For example, the upfront cost. However, they cost less to operate, they take up less space and they provide a dependable flow of on-demand hot water.

Oh no, a pipe has burst! What should I do?

First, think about the safety of everyone in the home.

  • Get the water turned off by using the main valve. This is going to stop further water damage and you’ll feel a lot better. Now you can see what you’re dealing with.
  • Inspect the impacted pipe and surrounding area as best you can. If it’s on an upper level, see where the water is moving to.
  • Anywhere the water is, or is going to be, get the electricity turned completely off as well. If you’re uncertain, just be safe and shut everything down temporarily.
  • Take some photos of the damage for insurance claims and such.
  • Call Robinson Air so we can get a plumber out there to get you all fixed up!

I think there are leaks in my home; how can I check?

Call Robinson. Let one of our trained professionals come in and take a look. Leaks are one of the main culprits behind higher water bills and hundreds upon hundreds of wasted gallons of water. Leaky toilets. Leaky faucets. Leaky pipes. Leaky tanks. We can help.

What are some signs I need to call Robinson Air for plumbing repairs?

Well, other than emergencies like bursting pipes and major clogs, the big sign is higher water bills. There may be some leaks you’re unaware of or leaks beyond what you may be initially calling about. Another big one we see is when your water pressure drops out of nowhere. If it’s not something going on in the area, there could be a variety of issues in your home. Have an unreliable water heater, or you’re seeing water stains (damp areas) on the ceiling and walls? Call Robinson Air!

Less common signs could be uneven water levels, cracks showing up in your plumbing system, or you’ve recently been trying to DIY something and it’s not helping. Speaking of which…

Should I just try and DIY this plumbing issue myself?

No. Unless you have the proper tools, materials, skills, and experience, serious plumbing work is NOT something you should attempt to fix or mess with yourself. Sometimes small things are actually signs of much bigger problems. And sometimes, small mistakes in fixing small problems can cause much bigger headaches. It’s best to let professionals handle such a serious system in your home.

How much do your plumbing services cost?

All you have to do is give us a call. When it comes to really common issues, we have fair and transparent rates. But honestly, almost every job is somewhat unique. Once we have a chance to chat with you, we can give you a clear estimate on your plumbing repair.