Benefits Of Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pumps

March 31, 2023

8 Benefits Of Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump
Systems For Your Wichita Falls, TX Home

Keep Your Home Feeling “Just Right”

When it comes to heating and cooling your Wichita Falls, TX, home, it’s all about personal preference. Luckily, with today’s technological advancements, you have several options for making your home feel “just right” for you and your family. One of the most effective options is a ductless mini-split heat pump system.

We know what you might be thinking, this type of system sounds great for the winter, but what about keeping me cool in the summer?

Believe it or not, a whole house heat pump system is for more than just heating your home. Simply because the word “heat” is in the system’s name, many homeowners believe it’s just a one-trick pony.

Furthermore, just because the system is called a “mini-split” does not mean it cannot adequately heat and cool your Wichita County home. No matter the size of your home, this system can handle the task.

Not convinced a mini-split heat pump is right for you? Check out these eight benefits and see why so many local homeowners are choosing to go with a pump.

1. Super Energy Efficient

One of the most significant benefits of these ductless heat pump units is their energy efficiency.

When compared to regular HVAC units, you will find that modern heat pumps will lose around 30% less air through the duct system.

Due to the heating and cooling loss in traditional units, your system is running longer to reach the desired temperature you set for your home. The results are higher energy bills and a larger carbon footprint.

Energy loss isn’t an issue since the mini-split heat pump systems don’t use ducts. This means your home will reach the target temperature faster and eventually decrease your energy consumption.

2. Better Temperature Control

With a mini-split system in place, you have better control over the temperature in each individual room.

Imagine no longer fiddling with the thermostat to find the right balance to keep both your living room and bedroom at the right temperature. With a new ductless system, you have more control over each room – so you won’t freeze on the couch and burn up in your sleep.

3. Improved Air Quality

Those who suffer from allergies and breathing issues often discover that their ducts are to blame for a lot of the dust and allergens in the air.

By eliminating the ducts in your home, you can remove these respiratory irritants from the air – ensuring better air quality.

Want even better air to breathe? You can further improve the IAQ of your Wichita County home with a professionally installed air purifying system.

4. Super Easy To Install

With traditional HVAC units, configuring and installing ductwork is often a massive undertaking. It’s an essential yet time-consuming step to ensure air is circulated throughout your home.

When you opt for ductless mini-split heat pump systems in your Wichita Falls, TX, home, the installation is much easier and takes less time.

These units use a small hole in the wall to connect the indoor and outdoor units. They are more compact and take up less space – which is perfect for those remodeling an older home with limited space for ductwork and large units.

5. Quiet Operation

Does your HVAC system ruin your favorite TV show or make it hard to hear dinner guests? One of the most common complaints we hear from traditional HVAC owners is the noise they make when the system engages.

Due to the compact size of a mini-split system, you will find it has super quiet operation – meaning no more having to jack up the volume to hear the evening news!

6. Humidity Is Gone

One of the most overlooked benefits of a mini-split ductless system is humidity reduction. These systems are powerful and thorough and keep humidity to a minimum.

Humidity isn’t just a minor inconvenience – it’s a serious health risk. When a house is humid, you’re more apt to experience mold, breathing issues, and overall uncomfortability.

7. Affordable

For Wichita Falls, TX, homeowners looking for a long-term boost to their budget – mini-split ductless systems are often the more affordable option.

Many people find it more affordable when they factor in the cost of running new duct work throughout a home. While the initial investment may be a bit more, you must factor in all the savings you’ll see on energy, maintenance, and frustration!

8. No Disruption

Having individual control over the temperature within one room is not a new concept. After all, those homes that utilize window AC units can do this as well. However, ductless mini-split systems have the advantage over window units as they do not disrupt the view outside your home.

Plus, many people hate how window ACs look when in place! Ductless mini-split heat pump systems are attached to your walls – allowing an uninterrupted view of the great outdoors.

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If you need a better way to heat and cool your Wichita Falls, TX, home – consider a ductless mini-split heat pump system from Robinson Air.

Once you experience the power, precision, and control of a ductless system you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

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