The Battle Of Conventional Water Heaters VS Tankless Water Heaters In Duncan, OK

July 20, 2023

The Battle Of Conventional Water Heaters VS
Tankless Water Heaters In Duncan, OK

Discover Which Water Heater Is Best
For Your Duncan, OK Home

When your Duncan, OK home needs a water heater, you will have two options: conventional water heaters and tankless water heaters. Which should you choose? 

The debate of which is better is a daily conversation in the plumbing industry. The one agreement that everyone can come to: you cannot do without hot water in your Stephens County home!

If you are debating which is better, the conventional water heater or the tankless option, research is the key to finding what works for you. Luckily, we have compiled the pros and cons of each and how they work so that you can make an informed decision.

Comparing Tankless Water Heaters
And Conventional Water Heaters

Both types of tanks have their benefits and drawbacks. It is important that you take the time to understand each – one of these could influence your decision as to which to choose for your home.

Cost Of Installation

The installation cost is much higher for tankless water heaters when compared to conventional water heaters. The price difference is due to your plumber needing to change your home to accommodate a tankless water heater.

In addition, tankless water heaters are priced higher than conventional water heaters.

When replacing a conventional water heater, the plumber will usually slip it into place, hook it up, and you are ready to go.

Operating Costs

Operating costs refer to how much it will cost for the water heater to run in your home. If you use little hot water in your home, you may see much of a cost difference.

Conventional water heaters often have a slightly higher operating cost due to how the water heaters heat the water. Tankless heaters are considered the cheaper option when only considering operating costs.

Equipment Life & Maintenance

A conventional water heater has a lifespan of around ten to fifteen years. And yes, many conventional water heaters must be emptied a few times per year to help remove the sediment buildup in the tank.

On the other hand, on average, tankless water heaters last twenty years or more. Maintenance-wise, these tankless systems require little to no effort from you.

Energy Savings

How much could you save on your monthly energy bill with each option? Overall, tankless water heaters are considered the more energy-efficient option and may cost you less to run throughout the year. On average, it could save you up to $300 every year.

Your Hot Water Consumption

Conventional water heaters have a cap on how much hot water you get. Once you have used the hot water, it can take time for it to build up again to have hot water.

On the other hand, tankless water heaters can offer an unlimited amount of hot water. For many people, endless hot water is a huge draw.

How Each Water Heater Will Work
In Your Duncan, OK Home

Every home needs a water heater. Who wants to start their morning with a cold shower?

Those who opt for conventional water heaters will find that it works by storing water in a holding tank that is heated throughout the day to stay hot. The amount of hot water you will have is determined by the size of your tank.

You can opt for different sizes based on the number of people in the house that use hot water. When the hot water runs out, your water will turn cold until the water heater can heat the water in the tank again.

The time it takes to get more hot water varies from tank to tank, the type of heating source, and whether you keep trying to get hot water from the tap.

Tankless water heaters are much smaller in size than conventional water heaters. They do not have a tank of water that is heated, but instead have water lines in a small, often rectangular box that heats the water automatically when turned on.

For this reason, you have hot water almost instantly and never run out while using it. A huge plus for many homeowners!

Which Is Better For Your Duncan, OK Home?

By understanding the pros and cons of each type of water heater, which is the best for your Duncan, OK, home?

The answer depends upon the person. Some choose to go with tankless water heaters because they like not waiting for hot water or running out of it.

However, on the other hand, many people opt for conventional water heaters as they are cheaper and readily available to put into their homes.

If your conventional water heater requires replacement in your Duncan, OK home, or you are considering upgrading to a tankless water heater, we are here to help. Robinson Air can install conventional and tankless options, and we offer free estimates.

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