The Life Of Heat Pump Systems In Elgin, OK

December 9, 2023
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How Long Do Heat Pump Systems
Last In Elgin, OK?

Heat Pumps Could
Be Great For You

While there are several ways in which you can warm your home, many homeowners are curious about heat pump systems in Elgin, OK. And there is a good reason why so many people are interested in these heating systems!

For those who live in the Comanche County area, during the winter season, we see temperatures that can drop to freezing levels. Coming home to a warm and toasty house is always a delight!

But are heat pumps worth the cost? How long do these systems last in a home? What are the benefits of going with a heat pump system?

Let’s look at these answers and more to see why you may want to consider installing a heat pump system in your home.

The Benefits Of Heat Pump Systems

There are several benefits to having a heat pump system installed in your home. First, One system will both heat and cool your home, making it a more efficient system to opt for

It also does not use any type of fossil fuel to heat or cool your home; hence, it is more environmentally friendly. This is one of the reasons why you may even see a decrease in your energy bills after a heat pump system has been installed in your home.

As an added bonus, it runs quieter than most traditional HVAC units.
While these are often the four main benefits discussed, many others feel like a heat pump works better at cooling or heating their home than their old units. Often, this is because the heat pump is more energy efficient.

The Cost Of A Heat Pump System

While there are many benefits to having these systems installed in your home, the cost is one of the drawbacks of many people hesitating.

When compared to traditional HVAC units, heat pump systems are much higher. However, most professionals agree you come out even in the long run thanks to their long life and energy savings.

How Long Will A Heat Pump System Last?

The life of a heat pump system can be anywhere from ten years to up to twenty-five years. The difference in the lifespan comes from the maintenance of the system. Most professionals agree that when properly maintained, a heat pump system can last up to 25 years, sometimes longer.

When properly maintained, your traditional HVAC system has a lifespan of about 15 to 20 years. So, you get more bang for your buck in more ways than one.

Is A Heat Pump System Worth The Cost For
Elgin, OK Homeowners?

While the cost for these systems may be more, you have to consider any rebates given by your local electric companies, state government, and federal government. Many rebates are offered when you purchase a heat pump system to ensure homeowners can be more green with their heating system.

These rebates vary every year, and some do have an expiration. Also, consider that there may be certain energy efficiency restrictions you have to consider to be eligible to receive these rebates.

Check into current rebates and factor that into the total cost to see how much you would have to pay when it is all said and done.

The Decision: Is A Heat Pump System For You?

Is the heat pump system something that you should consider for your home?

Most professionals are encouraging more people to consider a heat pump a better option for those looking to heat and cool their homes. While the initial cost may be high, you will see savings as you continue using the system.

If you require a new system for your home, then a heat pump may be the perfect solution to ensure your home stays warm during the winter while also helping to cool it in the summer.

Free Estimates For Heat Pump Systems In Elgin, OK

Is the heat pump system something that you should consider for your home?

If you need a new heating system for your Elgin, OK, home, we install and repair heat pump systems. Robinson Air will be happy to discuss your options and whether a heat pump system will be an excellent fit for your home.

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