What You Need To Do Before An Air Duct Cleaning

June 1, 2023

What Do You Need To Do Before An Air Duct
Cleaning In Your Wichita Falls, TX Home?

Prepare For Professional Duct Cleaning To
Ensure Success

The air ducts in your Wichita Falls, TX, home could be full of dust and debris. Where do you think all the dust and debris are going when your HVAC unit kicks on?

It is floating into the air that you breathe! While some homeowners may feel like it doesn’t make a difference – those who suffer from allergies or breathing issues know that the more dust in the air, the more their allergies will flare up.

Air duct cleaning has been documented as helping to make your home’s air cleaner. For those with breathing issues, air duct cleaning has been shown to help them breathe easier since it removes many particles that could end up in the air.

Homeowners in the Wichita County area, you will find that air duct cleaning is just one of the services offered by Robinson Air that ensures your home is in tip-top shape!

The Good News: No Preparation Is Needed

When you do decide to have your air ducts cleaned, the good news is there is no preparation you have to do. Many people think they have to cover their furniture, shut doors in rooms, and even put all their dishes on open shelves in protected areas due to the dust and debris flying into the air.

However, air duct cleaning will not simply blow out your air ducts into your home. We utilize a high-power vacuum hose that will remove all the dust and debris in your ducts without causing it to blow into the rest of your home.

We may close off several registers to provide the best pressure while ensuring no dust from an air duct cleaning in your home. Plus, it gives the added benefit of not having dust fly throughout your Wichita Falls, TX, home.

Even if you have furniture that may be near the register, we can scoot it out of our way. Once you have your appointment booked for your air duct cleaning, that is all you need to do.

Signs You Need Air Duct Cleaning

While there is little to no preparation for air duct cleaning, many people still need help when they should call for a cleaning. Are there signs that point to an air duct cleaning being required for a home? Yes, there are!

Several signs you need to be aware of could point to your air ducts needing a good cleaning.

1. Vent Covers Are Dirty

If there is a lot of dirt and dust buildup on your vent covers, it may be time to have the entire duct cleaned, as the buildup you see could only be half of what is inside the ducts.

We suggest you look at your vents every month to notice any buildup of dirt and debris. Now, if you see a slight amount of dust on the cover that you can easily wipe away with a dusting rag – that is more than likely an average amount of dust.

2. Air Filters Are Clogging

When you change your air filters, do they look more dirty than usual? If you see a lot more dirt, it could mean your air ducts are clogged.

In addition, if you have forgotten to change your air filter regularly, cleaning your air ducts may be needed. A clogged air filter can lead to more dirt and debris in these situations, making your air quality ten times worse.

3. Weak Airflow

While weak airflow can be due to the HVAC system, it could also be a sign that your air ducts need cleaning. Dirt and debris can build up in the air ducts, affecting the airflow throughout your home.

4. Noise In Air Ducts

Do you hear pops, bangs, or even rattles when your HVAC is running? Your first thought may be that your system has a significant problem. However, if the air ducts are clogged, the noise could be due to these clogs.

These sounds often signal a blockage that must be cleaned and removed.

5. Mold Growth

Have you seen signs of mold on your HVAC components? Many people find mold growth under the registers of their vents, often seen as a discoloration that you may assume is just dirt and debris stains.

Mold can be hazardous when it starts to grow in your home. The air ducts inside your home can be a source of mold growth if there are clogs. As the clog traps moisture, this leads to mold growth.

6. HVAC Running More Often

Do you hear your AC or heat turning on more than usual? While it could be an issue with the furnace or AC, clogged ductwork not allowing the proper airflow throughout your home can make it impossible to reach the set temperature.

In return, the AC or furnace will work harder to reach the desired temperature – running more than often. Due to this, you may even see a higher power bill than usual.

7. Rodents Or Insects Being Seen

When the ductwork is clogged with dirt, debris, etc., you could see many insects or rodents setting up home inside your ductwork – especially during the winter. Many people can even hear the rodents or insects in their ductwork.

In these situations, you need to hire someone to remove the rodents and insects, then have your ducts cleaned to remove their home and all that they left behind to avoid breathing it in.

Free Estimates For Your Wichita Falls, TX, Duct Cleaning

If you can’t remember the last time your Wichita Falls, TX, ductwork has been cleaned, it may be time to schedule a cleaning. Otherwise, your home may be at risk for many airborne issues and pest infestations.

Luckily, we are here for your air duct cleaning needs, and you don’t have to prepare for the work at all. All you need to do is to contact us or call us today at (940) 257-2810 for your free estimate!