Determining Whether You Elgin, OK Needs Ductwork Replacement Or Cleaning

January 1, 2024

10 Signs You Need Elgin, OK Ductwork
Replacement Or Cleaning

Determine Whether Cleaning Or
Ductwork Replacement Is
The Best Option

Many people who start having trouble with their ductwork automatically think Elgin, OK ductwork replacement is their only option. However, having your ductwork cleaned could remedy the problem you may have.

In Comanche County, knowing when your ductwork needs to be cleaned or replaced will help you make the best decision for your home. That is why we have compiled ten signs every homeowner needs to be aware of so they know whether to have their ductwork cleaned or replaced!

The 5 Signs That Show Cleaning Is The Option
Rather Than Ductwork Replacement

Replacing your ductwork whenever you have an issue can be expensive and wasteful. In many cases, homeowners find that cleaning their ductwork is all they need to ensure it is effectively running.

1. Unpleasant Odors

When your heating or cooling is running, do you smell something from your vents that is less than great? Many people may describe the smell as an old, sweaty shoe. Others may say it smells like the house has been closed for years.

When unpleasant odors are coming from your vents, it often indicates that you have a lot of debris in your ductwork that needs to be cleaned out. It has been long enough to set up its bacteria, which is what you are smelling. 

For a fresh-smelling house, having your ductwork cleaned is an easy choice.

2. Dust Everywhere

Does it seem that even after you dust your belongings in your home, the dust is back in no time? A lot of dust could be a sign that your ductwork needs cleaning.

As more debris and dirt are trapped in your ductwork, more dust will come through your vents and deposit onto your belongings. Dust can cause various breathing issues, so it is best to deal with it at the source to help keep your family healthy.

3. Your Filters Are Nasty Before The Time To Change Them

Do you have to switch out your filters sooner than recommended? While there are many reasons why this could be happening, dirty ductwork is one of the main reasons why.

When your ductwork is dirty, the filter in your HVAC system will get nasty faster than if the ductwork was clean. If your filters only last a few weeks, then take notice of the ductwork.

4. Your Ductwork Has Never Been Cleaned

If you have lived in your home for five or more years and know the ductwork has never been cleaned, it is a safe assumption that it needs a good cleaning. Most experts agree that every three to five years is a reasonable estimate for how often to clean the ductwork.

However, remember that indoor pets, allergies, and other medical issues could mean having your ductwork cleaned more often.

5. You Notice An Increase In Pests In Your Home

When ductwork has a lot of debris, pests often come along as they make their home in the dirty ductwork. If you have noticed more ants, mice, and other pests, cleaning your ductwork is a must-do on your list. 

Even if you find out your pests are coming in through a crack in your door, still have your ductwork cleaned. Pests will leave behind droppings and bacteria going into your ductwork and then release throughout your home. Having it cleaned ensures a safer and more clean environment.

The 5 Signs You Need Ductwork Replacement

While several signs show your ductwork needs to be cleaned, when you start to see any of these signs, you must look at replacing your ductwork.

1. Your Energy Bills Have Gotten Higher

If you notice that your energy bills have gotten higher, yet you haven’t changed the temperature on your unit, it could be because your ductwork is making your system work harder. 

There have been many cases in which ductwork needs to be improved for the home due to the age of the HVAC system. If your system starts to run harder, it increases energy bills.

2. Inconsistent Room Temperatures

Do you have areas of your home that are hotter or colder than others despite the HVAC set at your desired temperature? This is a massive sign that your ductwork is not handling the air or heat being forced into it. 

In these cases, your ductwork is old and leaking; thus, the air and heat are not getting to the rooms.

3. Recent Home Additions

If you have added to your house, you need to have a professional redo your ductwork with this addition to avoid issues. Any time a person adds a room to the home, the ductwork must be reconfigured to include the new addition so your house is comfortable.

Otherwise, you will have a room with a different temperature than the rest of the house.

4. The Original Ductwork Is Over 15 Years Old

Ductwork will not function forever. It gets old and starts to leak, costing you more energy costs and making your home uncomfortable. If your ductwork is fifteen or older, replace it with something more energy-efficient.

5. Noise

Do you hear a lot of noise from your ductwork? Many people report hearing whistling or even banging when the HVAC system kicks on and starts to blow the cooled or warmed air through the ductwork.

While noise when your HVAC kicks on could be the actual AC or heat unit, it could also be the ductwork. Noise from the ductwork is often due to loose connections within the ductwork that are rattling when the air is forced through.

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