A Guide To Heat Pump Systems In Elgin, OK

January 5, 2024

The 411 On Heating Pump Systems In Elgin, OK
So Homeowners Can Choose Wisely

How Heat Pump Systems Work & Are Heat
Pumps The Best Choice For You?

While there are several ways that you can heat your home, the use of heat pump systems in Elgin, OK is becoming prevalent. However, most homeowners are curious about these.

While heat pump systems are not new to the Comanche County area, there are still several questions surrounding these. As a mindful homeowner, you want to choose the best home system.

That is why we have compiled all the information about heat pump systems in hopes of helping you make a sound decision!

What Are Heat Pump Systems?

A heat pump system is a heating and cooling component you can use to make your home more comfortable. It works on different principles compared to a traditional HVAC unit and furnace. And yes, despite the name, heat pumps do provide cooling properties.

Powered by electricity, heat pumps are often considered the more economical option for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint while saving money on their monthly energy bills.

How Do Heat Pump Systems Work?

There are two types of heat pump systems: air-source and ground-source. Air-source heat pumps utilize indoor and outdoor air to heat and cool the home. Ground source pumps, often called geothermal heat pumps, use the indoor air and the ground outside the home.

Despite using two different components to heat and cool your home, both systems work on the same basic principles.

Cooling Your Home

When your heat pump is set to cool your home, the hot air is pulled into the unit via the vents and then passed to the outdoor unit. In the outdoor unit, the hot air will go through coils that absorb the heat.

From there, the cool air is then passed back into your home. While a ton of technology and heat energy transfers are taking place, ultimately, this is how your heat pump works to cool your home.

Heating Your Home

A reverse valve is contained within every heat pump. When you start to heat your home with the heat pump, the reverse valve engages so the coils are not removing the heat energy from the air but are allowing it to stay while removing the coldness.

The one big difference is that the heat pump draws on outside air or the ground to get heat into your home.

Are Heat Pump Systems A Good Choice For Your Home?

Most homeowners agree that the inner workings of a heat pump system sound complex, and they are to an extent. However, you can rest assured that the heat pump system can warm and cool your home efficiently.

So, is a heat pump system a good choice for your home? There are several benefits to installing a heat pump system. For one, these systems have a long lifespan of up to fifty years with proper maintenance.

However, what most people absolutely love about heat pumps is that they do not use fossil fuels to operate, hence lower energy bills. And who doesn’t want a lower energy bill?

In addition, the heat pump system handles both heating and cooling, meaning one system to handle it all. When compared to traditional heating and cooling equipment, heat pumps require very little maintenance.

Ultimately, those who want an effective system with a long lifespan and more energy efficiency opt to use heat pump systems. Remember, the US Department of Energy has stated that heat pumps are two times more efficient when compared to a typical furnace.

Will Heat Pump Systems Work For Your Home?

One of the biggest concerns about heat pump systems is whether they will work in their climate. After all, the system is drawing on the air or the ground; thus, it makes sense that it may not work in all climates.

For the most part, those who live in mild climates that experience some freezing temperatures in winter and hot temperatures in the summer will find that a heat pump works fine.

Those who live in climates that are constantly below freezing may find the system needs to be partnered with a furnace to help keep their homes warm. Or opt for a ground source heat pump, as these have been proven to heat a home even during freezing temperatures.

In those climates that see hot temperatures that range above a hundred degrees for months of the year, they often find a heat pump that will keep their home comfortable. While it may not help your home to feel like a walk-in freezer, it can still help beat the heat.

Whether your home or climate will work with a heat pump system is a question that a trained HVAC professional can answer based on the average temperature during summer and winter.

Free Quotes For Elgin, OK Heat Pump Systems

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