The HVAC Trojan Horse Repair Calls

April 10, 2024

How Some HVAC Companies Use Repair
Calls As Nothing But A “Trojan Horse”

Many HVAC Companies Pretend To Do
Repairs – But They Just Want To Sell

Here’s the truth – some local Southwest Oklahoma HVAC companies advertise air conditioner or heating repairs, but have absolutely no intention of doing them.


Because they’d rather sell you a whole new system…even when you don’t need one. That’s right – these companies use repair calls to get into your home and give you their sales pitch. If that tactic sounds sketchy, it’s because it is!

Here’s how to spot this common “Trojan Horse” technique and what to do if it happens.

Every Homeowner Is A Potential Victim

Here’s how it starts: It’s the middle of summer, and your five-year-old AC decides to stop working right – it keeps running despite the fact it’s blowing warm air and refusing to cool down your home.

So, what do you do?

You Google “HVAC companies near you” and find one that says they do repairs. Perfect. Later that day, they show up at your house, “inspect” the AC unit, and tell you that you’ll need a whole new system.

The Ancient Greeks used a large wooden horse to sneak their troops into Troy to win the war. And these heating and cooling companies use the same technique – your repair call as a guise to unleash their sales pitch.

Be Wary Of These Signs

Here’s the tricky part – if you’re like many other homeowners, you don’t have expert knowledge of your HVAC system, and why would you? So, how would you know if you really do need a new system?

Here are some things to factor in and ask your heating and cooling “repair” tech:

  • The age of your HVAC system
  • Your HVAC system’s warranty
  • What the detailed diagnosis is
  • What kind of “inspection” was done
  • Why the issue can’t simply be repaired

What To Do Once You’ve Spotted The Ruse

If your tech can’t answer or avoids those questions, you can bet they’re trying to pull one over on you. Once you realize what the HVAC consultant is actually doing (trying to sell you a new system), getting out of the situation can be tricky.

However, as an informed and empowered homeowner, you now know how to spot the ruse and avoid falling victim.

(We suggest kindly asking the consultant to leave your home. Wink.)

Unfortunately, your next step is going back to the drawing board. However, you’ll be armed with more knowledge and experience this time. Read some repair-specific online reviews to hear from real customers about their experience.

Researching a company’s reputation is one of your most helpful tools.

You can even call the company before their arrival and discuss your concerns with them. You’ll be able to tell pretty quickly if they mean what they say about repair work.

At Robinson Air, We Say We Do HVAC Repair

As a reliable Southwest Oklahoma HVAC company that works with integrity, we advertise our repair services…and follow through on them. So, when your AC only needs a refrigerant top-off, new fan, or capacitor replacement, that’s what you get.

We’re just not in the business of upselling or convincing you that you need something you don’t.

Bottom Line: With Robinson Air, you get honest recommendations, thorough assessments, and AC or furnace repairs you can trust.

Do you need a Southwest Oklahoma HVAC repair and want to work with a company you can trust? Contact Robinson Air today for your free quote.