How Do Complete AC Systems Work In Medicine Park, OK?

December 13, 2023

How Do Complete AC Systems Work For
Medicine Park, OK Homes?

Understanding The Components
Of Your AC System

With the heat we see, your Medicine Park, OK complete AC system must be in good working order. After all, have you ever experienced your AC system quitting in the middle of a heat wave?

If you have experienced the stale heat inside your home when no AC is running, chances are you have cursed your AC system and thought, if only you had the professional check out the AC system before now.

To truly understand why you want a professional to fine-tune your Comanche County AC system every season, knowing how complete AC systems work is essential. By understanding the inner workings of your AC system, you better understand what can happen.

The Basics Of Complete AC Systems

When you think about complete AC systems, understanding how they work means starting with the basics. These systems introduce cold air into your home by removing the hot air from your home.

Most people think the AC is simply blowing in tons of cold air to get their home’s temperature where they want it. However, that is not the case.

Every AC system, regardless of your type, has specific components that work together to make your system work. These components are:

  • Evaporator
  • Blower
  • Condenser
  • Compressor
  • Fan
  • Filter
  • Thermostat


These are coils full of refrigerant whose main job is to remove heat and humidity from the air inside your home to help cool it. These coils are located on the inside unit seen in your home.


The blower is a fan that will blow directly over the evaporator coils to help distribute the cool air the coils have produced. This is the cool air you feel coming out of registers in your home.


The condenser is located on the outside unit. It is responsible for releasing hot air into the outside. It has the vital task of ensuring your unit does not overheat.


The compressor moves the refrigerant between the evaporator and the condenser to ensure the air is being cooled properly. It is located in your outside unit. If the compressor goes wrong, you will feel air coming from the registers, but it may not be as cold as it should be.


Located above the compressor in the unit outside of your home, the fan’s job is to help cool down the compressor as it does its job. You can see the fan running when your HVAC unit is cooling your home.


The filter is located near the blower in the interior part of your unit. The filter’s job is to catch allergens and dust before the items are blown through your registers and throughout your home. This is one item you need to change regularly; most homeowners can do this.


The thermostat is like the computer of your HVAC unit. It is where you control the heat and cold, set your desired temperature, and turn the unit on and off.

These are the basics of any complete AC system. Of course, you will see some slight differences depending on the AC system you opt to have in your home.

Why You Need Medicine Park, OK Professionals
To Maintain Your System

Before your AC becomes the bane of your existence and you google methods to cool down your home without an AC, regular maintenance checkups will help save you from the headache.

But why do you need a professional to maintain your system?

When you look at all the technical components of an AC system, while you may know their function, can you honestly say you know how to maintain these components?

Professionals have the necessary knowledge to check each component and fix any issues that may arise. Thus ensuring your home is not without AC when it is needed.

While there may be many YouTube videos and DIY advice online about fixing or repairing an AC system, you take a considerable risk. Risks associated with DIY maintenance include:

  • Voiding any warranty that your system may have
  • Injury because there are electrical components within each AC system
  • Further damage to the AC unit may result in a simple fix no longer being the solution

So, yes, you need a professional to maintain and service your unit. Never attempt it on your own.

Free Estimates For Your Complete AC Systems
In Medicine Park, OK

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