Check Out This Handwritten Thank You Note We Got

December 18, 2023

We Received A Handwritten “Thank You” Letter
From A Customer (With Great Handwriting)

Nothing Brightens Our Day More Than Hearing From
Homeowners Whose Lives We’ve Made More Comfortable.

We get great reviews from SW Oklahoma homeowners we’ve helped all the time, and we appreciate every one of them (over the years, we’ve collected thousands). That said, getting a handwritten “thank you” note from a homeowner we helped is especially heartwarming.
And rare…

How many businesses across the region do you think get special handwritten thank you letters in any given year?

Not many!

We were TRULY touched and want to share the letter we got from Dorie here in Lawton because we couldn’t be more appreciative. We replaced her ductwork, added insulation, and installed a new 40-gallon gas water heater.

Her letter made our day/year.

A handwritten thank-you letter from a Robinson Air customer in Lawton who had them replace ductwork, add insulation, and Install a new 40-gal gas water heater.

Here’s a basic transcription if you’re having trouble reading it:

“Robinson Air staff and techs,”

“Just wanted to say thank you for always taking care of our needs so professionally. All the techs that have come to our house have been a cut above! The best always. They inform us of everything. Also, when someone answers our call, “How can we make your day better?” or “easier,” it’s a pleasant relief!”

“Thanks to all of you!”

Our Techs Are “A Cut Above”
The Competition

One thing she mentioned was how attentive and professional our techs are. We agree, but it’s great to hear our intentions are being reflected in our work.

She described them as “cut above.”

It’s because all of HVAC techs are trained, trained, and trained some more until they’re efficient HVAC fixing machines. They’re also kind, dedicated people who truly want to help solve your problems and keep you comfortable.

We Keep Our Customers Informed
Every Step Of The Way

It may go without saying, but we spend a TON of time thinking about temperature. Through decades of experience (and lots of thinking), we’ve perfected the craft of temperature control down to a science.

Another point Dorie made was how we kept her informed throughout the process. Once again, that’s EXACTLY what we’re going for. It’s like she took the words right out of our mouths! We pride ourselves on our communication and attentive service. We know what we’re doing, and we think you should be kept in the loop, as well.

It’s YOUR home, after all.

In fact, Clear A-Z Communication is one of Our Core Values.

To us, this means you’re NEVER left guessing as to when we’ll show up, what we’re doing, and how long it’ll take. Our attitude is that we’re the HVAC experts, so you don’t have to be.

Taking Care Of Your HVAC Needs
With True Professionalism

One more point Dorie made (that also seems straight out of Our Core Values) is that we handled her project with true professionalism. At Robinson Air, we take our work seriously and genuinely care about the SW Oklahoma communities we serve.

It’s about showing old-school Oklahoma respect and conducting ourselves like professionals.

For us, that means cleaning up after ourselves and going out of our way to solve your heating and cooling problems to keep you in perfect comfort. So…we don’t often get handwritten notes from our customers, but we promise to display them on the company fridge when we do proudly!


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Thanks for your time today and for checking out the little letter we got that means a whole LOT. And if you have any HVAC or plumbing issues we can help with, don’t be afraid to connect with Team Robinson. You can stop by anytime, give us a call at [tel], or Contact Us to schedule services. We’ll get you comfortable again!