Raising Money & Food For A Noble Local Cause

September 22, 2023

Working With Helping Hands Changed Our Lives,
And We’re Going To Do More In SW Oklahoma

Because We’re Not Just An HVAC Company, We’re
Also Lawton, OK, Locals & Love This Community.

While we founded this company to help SW Oklahoma homeowners stay comfortable and serve their heating and cooling needs, our real passion in life is helping peopleperiod.

That’s why when one of our employees learned Helping Hands, a local food bank, was unable to sustain their operation due to a lack of donations, we knew we had to get involved. Because when the local charities run out of food, that’s a serious issue for our community.

We’re No Strangers To Community Service

If you’re familiar with our story and what we’re all about here at Robinson Air, you know we love to help our SW Oklahoma community however we can.

Giving back is moving forward as far as we’re concerned.

Our founder Darryl grew up near Lawton, OK, so this area is more than just where we do business. It’s also our stomping grounds, and we’re passionate about doing whatever we can to help our neighbors thrive. In fact, it was one of our awesome team members who first notified us about Helping Hands.

We Vowed To Match Food & Money
To Raise As Much As Needed

This employee mentioned how bad they felt about the food bank being unable to raise enough food and money to provide for folks in need. It didn’t sit right with us, so we got in touch with them and hatched a plan to match their food and money donations as a way to get things moving…and it worked!


We were able to raise a LOT of money and even more food. You’d be surprised at what kind of change you can see if you drum up a little momentum. It felt good to help families because we’re all in this together.

Serving Our Lawton Community With Traditional Respect

We go out of our way to show traditional respect and courtesy to not only the homeowners we work with but everyone we meet. In fact, it’s one of our core values. Helping local charities is just one way to do that, but another is to do business the right way and serve our customers with the utmost integrity.

As a company that proudly works with many veterans and older homeowners, we make respect and kindness the focal point of everything we do. While some HVAC contractors are focused on sales, we’re focused on solving your heating and cooling problems for the long run.

Whether you need a new AC or just want to improve your air quality, Robinson Air has you covered.

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