We Take Our Work Seriously, NOT Ourselves

June 13, 2023

Sure, We’ve Got Thousands Of 5-Star Reviews,
But We Don’t Take Ourselves Too Seriously.

Robinson Air’s The SW Oklahoma Heating & Cooling
Company With A Fun Sense Of Humor.

We take our HVAC work here in SW Oklahoma pretty darn seriously…but we’re not known for being too rigid or unfriendly. Just the opposite! And, another thing the locals appreciate is the fact we don’t take ourselves seriously. At Robinson Air, we believe in having a sense of humor, which is why we’ve infused local flavor into our company culture.

Our techs arrive at your home ready to work hard and efficiently, but there’s no reason you can’t enjoy their presence more than the typical machine-like HVAC visit. In fact, it’s what we ENCOURAGE.

While our seasoned professionalism is unmatched, we also like to spread smiles, especially with our commercials….

Three Of Our Favorite
Robinson Air Commercials:

1. The One With “John Cusack

In this one we got THEE…guy who kind of looks like young John Cusack (our owner’s a HUGE fan of the real actor). How many Lawton HVAC contractors can say that? Despite landing big name celebrity lookalikes, we’re still the same down-to-earth OK locals we’ve always been.

Thankfully the fame and stardom hasn’t gone to our heads….

2.  The One With UFOs & A 72-Degree Lawton Forecast…In Wintertime?

You know this one’s big, since the UFOs are only a footnote. The real story is that one generous Lawton homeowner kept the whole town warm by leaving his front door open. That’s what you get with a Robinson furnace (Note: Furnace won’t actually heat the whole town.)!

3. The One Where Darryl Robinson Gets Comfortable….

This one might be our favorite because it’s where Darryl first introduced the concept of ComfortEase. It’s when life is easy…AND comfortable. It’s the state you’ll be in when you work with Robinson Air (Note: Spa and cucumber slices not included.).

Why We Like To Help Our Customers
Laugh & Smile (If It’s Not Obvious)

Chances are you have enough stress going on in your life already, so we don’t want you to worry AT ALL about repairing your AC or replacing your furnace. That’s our job.

When you’re at home, we want you to feel relaxed, comfortable, and HAPPY– if we have anything to say about it, anyway.

So, when our awesome Robinson Air techs arrive at your home to replace your heating pump or inspect your home, just sit back, relax, and pour a glass of your favorite beverage.

We’ll handle the stressful stuff, so you can have fun. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

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