Why We Don’t Do Attic Ductwork During Summer

September 19, 2023

Why We’ve Chosen NOT To Do Attic Ductwork
In The Heat Of Our SW Oklahoma Summers

Safety Is Priority Number One, So We Wait Until The Hottest
Part Of The Year Is Over To Protect Our Employees

As Lawton’s always-available, count-on-us-no-matter-what HVAC contractor, it’s not often we make a point of telling our customers what we don’t do. That said, we think it’s important to clarify why we don’t replace ductwork in your attic during the hottest months of the SW Oklahoma summer.

Here’s why:

SW Oklahoma Summers Are HOT
& Your Attic Gets Even Hotter

At the end of the day, it all comes down to safety. SW Oklahoma summers are brutal, with 100-degree temps being quite common in July and August.

Well, guess what?

  • Your attic gets WAY hotter, reaching temperatures as high as 130 degrees! That’s SO hot it’s actually dangerous for us to be up there.
  • Unfortunately…replacing your ductwork is a standard part of our HVAC maintenance process.
  • And the only way to get that work done is to send one of our technicians up to inspect your entire attic to make sure your ductwork is still clean and in good condition.

This takes time, and if they find issues, repairing them will take even longer. Under normal conditions, this is no problem, but doing it in temperatures north of 100 degrees is completely unsafe.

Safety Is Always Our Top Priority

Don’t get us wrong, replacing old ductwork is extremely important to maintain energy efficiency and indoor air quality, but it’s not so urgent that it needs to be done in dangerous conditions.

Luckily, we’ll still be able to repair your AC even if we come in the heat of the summer. We’ll just leave replacing and/or cleaning your ductwork for a later date. We simply wait until things have cooled down a bit before coming back to finish the job.

We Reschedule Attic-Related Ductwork For A Later Date

So…instead of performing ductwork services during the heat of the summer, we’ll schedule an appointment to come back when the weather is a little cooler–at most, about a month or two later.

Typically Memorial Day through Labor Day is the hottest part of the year, so we may have to reschedule any ductwork services that come up during this time. Of course, this is also our busiest time of year for new AC installations and repairs…and that’s totally fine.

We can still perform all our usual heating, cooling, and plumbing services, so you won’t be stuck dealing with unpleasant temperatures for long. We have a commitment to keep our customers cool and comfortable and our workers SAFE. It’s another way we’re committed to doing things right, with true Oklahoma integrity

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Truth is, most everyone understands this policy, but we’re committed to transparency. That said, thanks for your time today. If you live in SW Oklahoma and need heating, cooling, or plumbing services, please give us a call at (580) 699–5760 or request service with us here