The Ultimate Guide To Plumbing Safety Inspections For Your Home In Fletcher, OK

August 25, 2023

The Ultimate Guide To Plumbing Safety
Inspections For Your Home
In Fletcher, OK

Why Plumbing Safety Inspections
Are Vital To Your Home

Have you recently had plumbing services performed in your Fletcher, OK, home? If you have, you may have heard the term “plumbing safety inspection” from your professional plumber.

While many Comanche County homeowners only call a plumber when plumbing services are a must-have, many people realize that routinely doing an inspection can be a huge help!

What Is A Plumbing Service Inspection?

The plumbing safety inspection is a well checkup for your plumbing throughout your home. It is recommended to have it completed every two years. But what does it check?

There are several things a professional plumber will do for your home, including the following:

  • Evaluate water pressure efficiency
  • Identify any clogs in the drain system
  • Check both indoor and outdoor plumbing
  • Ensure toilets, sinks, and tubs drain properly
  • Look for corrosion or other damage to the plumbing hardware

The inspection will include any recommendations on ensuring the plumbing system works best for your home.

How Will Inspections Help Your Fletcher, OK, Home?

There are several reasons why plumbing safety inspections are a fantastic idea for any homeowner.

1. Saves You Money In The Long Run

A minor plumbing issue is more manageable and cheaper to fix when small. However, if a little problem is allowed to grow, it can easily cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to fix.

Regular plumbing safety inspections allow small issues to be found and corrected, saving you money in the long run.

2. Safeguards You Against Plumbing Emergencies

Do you want a huge leak to damage your floors or walls? No one wants to experience a plumbing emergency!
With plumbing safety inspections, plumbing emergencies are avoided in most homes. In most cases, a plumbing emergency started as a minor issue that grew.

3. Prevents Potential Water Damage

Water damage is not only expensive but can cause serious health concerns. In many houses, water damage happens if not cleaned up immediately. It can lead to the growth of mold and mildew, which can affect your respiratory health. 

By having your plumbing inspected routinely, you avoid potential water damage.

4. Improves Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

One leaky water pipe that only drips steadily throughout the day could be the reason you have a high water bill. By finding and repairing all those small leaks, your home becomes more energy efficient.

FAQs About Plumbing Safety
Inspections In Fletcher, OK

There are several questions that homeowners have regarding plumbing safety inspections. After all, it may be a reasonably new service they are hearing about.

Can Anyone Do A Plumbing Safety Inspection?

While you, as the homeowner, are encouraged to check for drips from faucets and other issues all the time, a plumbing safety inspection should only be performed by a professional plumber.

Professional plumbers know what to look for and have the technology to do a more in-depth check than what you can physically do.

How Often Should A Plumbing Safety Inspection Take Place?

Two years is the industry standard time given. However, a yearly inspection is better if you have an older home with old plumbing, as it can catch small issues before they become major.

Should A Plumbing Safety Inspection
Be Done Before Buying A Home?

While a home inspector may look at some plumbing items, many buyers feel better when a professional plumber checks the home. It can give you peace of mind in knowing what you are buying.

For those who are selling their home, having a recent plumbing inspection to show potential buyers can go a long way in getting your home sold sooner.

How Much Does A Plumbing Inspection Cost?

The home’s size and the plumbing’s intricacies determine the cost of a plumbing inspection. However, the national average for plumbing inspections is $200 to $500 or more.

Remember that it could save you more in the long run before you balk at spending that much for an inspection.

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