5 Facts About Blown-In Insulation You Need To Know For Your Burkburnett, TX Home

August 22, 2023

5 Facts About Blown-In Insulation
You Need To Know For Your
Burkburnett, TX Home

Learn Why Homeowners Choose
Blown-In Insulation

The insulation in your Burkburnett, TX home is not a feature that lasts forever, hence why so many people are interested in blown-in insulation. After all, blown-in insulation has an impeccable reputation, and many contractors swear by it.

Is it the right choice for your Wichita County home? Most everyone agrees that blown-in insulation is an amazing choice for your home.

If you are still trying to decide whether you should have blown-in insulation installed, check out these five fun facts about it to make a decision!

1. Blown-In Insulation Is Rated
High On The Green Scale

Are you trying to make your home as “green” as possible? If so, then blown-in insulation will fit your ideology. Blown-in insulation is made from recycled matter and is considered the more eco-friendly option on the market.

Plus, if you factor in how having blown-in insulation installed in your home will lower your energy usage, it makes the case for an even greener home! The EPA estimates that an average family saves 15% on their energy bills when insulating air leaks in their home.

2. Blown-In Insulation Is Hassle-Free

When your home was built, it was insulated with batt insulation. It is the type that the contractors roll out, cut to fit, and then put up.

Many homeowners are under the impression that if they need to upgrade their insulation, it means removing walls and much more in their attic. That is not the case!

Blown-in insulation can be added without any mess. That is why it is considered hassle-free, no matter how many tight spots your attic may have.

3. It Is Easy To Apply To Your
Burkburnett, TX Home

Whether your attic or your crawlspace, blown-in insulation can easily be applied in these rooms.

The contractor will have a long hose to blow the insulation into the needed space. And within a short period, you will have new insulation in your home.

4. Blown-In Insulation Is Long-Lasting

Why add something to your home that will only last for a short time?

As a smart and savvy homeowner….you wouldn’t!

Blown-in insulation can last twenty years or longer when in the right conditions. Like any other type of insulation, it will lose its insulating properties if it gets wet. However, that is the only worry you will have.

5. Blown-In Insulation Is Less Invasive

One of many homeowners’ fears is having several people walk inside their homes, use their attic supports, or crawl under their homes to install traditional insulation for a prolonged period of time. However, the way in which blow-in insulation is added to the areas of your home that need it is less invasive.

While there will still need to be people in the attic, or walking around your home, they will not spend hours in your attic trying to insulate it. Blown-in insulation is blown-in via a long hose that limits the technician from walking around the house for hours.

Is Blown-In Insulation Perfect For
Your Burkburnett, TX Home?

These five facts about blown-in insulation show us all one thing: it is definitely worth considering for your home. However, is it the best option for your residence?

Here are a few situations in which homeowners have found blown-in insulation helps to save them from numerous problems:

  • When you have suffered a roof leak that has affected your insulationin your attic, blown-in insulation can be easier to remove than the old wet insulation.
  • If your old insulation has aged out, then blown-in insulation can be added to the attic, even with the old insulation present, helping to prevent hot and cold rooms throughout your home.
  • You have small crooks in your attic that have no insulation at all, and blown-in insulation can reach into these small corners.

Anytime you need insulation in your home, blown-in insulation can be the best option. While it can be tempting to spread in blown-in insulation on your own, remember that professionals are the best to install it.

After checking your attic, the professional can determine how much blown-in insulation you may need to get your home more energy-efficient. Your technician will clean up the mess–a huge win for almost every homeowner!

If your Burkburnett, TX home requires blown-in insulation, Robinson Air is here to handle it. We offer home inspections to determine where you may have leaks and address whether blown-in insulation in your attic will work with our free quotes.

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