This Woman Called Us Because She Wasn’t Used To Her Home Working So Well

November 17, 2021

After Our Whole Home Comfort Approach Optimized Her HVAC, Ductwork, & Insulation

Being (arguably) the most popular HVAC & Plumbing company in the SW Oklahoma & Wichita Falls areas means we get our share of calls from homeowners like you.

Thing is, the VAST majority are either from completely new customers, current customers who are already a part of our family…or recent customers who just had us install a multi-speed AC system as part of our Whole Home Comfort approach.

For example, we recently got one of these calls from a lovely older lady in the Elgin, OK area.

She was having more and more trouble (and spending more and more money) trying to keep cool during the hotter months. Once our technician had a chance to come on out and take a look, it became clear her single-speed system just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

  • She needed to upgrade to a modern multi-speed AC system.
  • This is an extremely common call to make during the summer.
  • Multi-speed ACs are by far our most popular type of units we sell and install.

Why Are Multi-Speed Systems So Popular?

The multi-speed units run at a lower speed and actually take care of a good percentage of humidity, improving your Indoor Air Quality. What this means is you can turn your thermostat up a bit and yet still be more comfortable.

  • “I just wanted to call and thank you personally for upgrading my AC!”
  • “Finally, I can sleep better at night and my AC isn’t constantly running.”
  • “Thank you so much! My summertime energy bills have actually gone down a bit!”

Her home wasn’t INCREDIBLY old, but like many homes in the area, it had been out there quite a while. It wasn’t leaky, but we also took the time to address and seal her home’s Ductwork.

Which, by the way, isn’t something a lot of our competitors will inform customers about until it’s an issue.

You want your AC system and ductwork to be properly sized, specifically for your home and how it’s laid out. Once we got her equipment in order and her New AC Installation was squared away flawlessly (checked, double… then triple checked), she was a much happier camper come July and August.

We also put her in our convenient Comfort Club so her AC would be properly maintained without much work from her, other than Ordering Air Filters through our site so she had them on hand when needed.

This way, we’re calling her and checking up on her from then on. It’s the Robinson Air way.

And speaking of calls, we thank you for your time today and look forward to getting yours. If you need HVAC or plumbing services, we’re standing by and ready to help.