How Does An HVAC Company Earn Thousands Of 5-Star Reviews?

November 17, 2021

Through Years Of Giving Our All For Every Single Customer On Every Single Job

Two things are certain about our part of the country (SW Oklahoma & Wichita Falls areas):

  • First: People around here know EXACTLY what genuine, family-friendly, family-first, and respectful customer service looks, sounds, and feels like. The whole nine yards.
  • Second: It Isn’t easy to get people to give your company a 5-star review. And hey, we’re not rock stars, we’re just a local HVAC and Plumbing Services company

That said…we still get those shocked looks and remarks from homeowners when they discover we have literally thousands of 5-star reviews. No, not paid-for, scammy reviews from who knows where.

But real testimonials from real homeowners just like you. For example, we have well over 1,000 from the Lawton area alone and 600+ on everyone’s favorite search engine.

How? What are we doing that’s so special?

Well, unfortunately, there’s no magic involved. After all, we grew up here and have decades of history here. Our founder went to high school in Lawton and things like that, so we have a real sense of how people want to be treated — what really gives them a memorable experience.

Heating, air conditioning, and plumbing. When these core systems of your home run into trouble, you want someone you can call. Even if it’s late. This is where Our 2 am Standard comes from.

Imagine it’s early Saturday morning on a freezing winter night and your heater breaks down. You don’t know why. You don’t know how to fix it…you just need help. You can call us and we’ll answer the phone.

Wait, what? Yep, we’ll answer the phone.

Then we’ll get you taken care of. Quickly. Not in two or three days. And we’ll go the extra yard as well while we’re there to ensure you’re comfortable and this kind of issue doesn’t happen again.

If you looked through our reviews, roughly 30% right off the top are coming from homeowners who call us in a pinch and get WAY better and more responsive service than they were expecting.

And that, if there was one, would be the secret to getting reviews: far exceeding expectations.

Truth is, most bad reviews go to businesses and services that don’t meet expectations. Good reviews go to those who go above and beyond the call of duty for the good people who turn to them for help.

Wouldn’t you agree?

  • Better Presentation
  • Taking Security Seriously
  • Clear Communication
  • Knowledgeable Technicians
  • Focusing On The Details

You’ve got plenty of choices for common services like AC Repair Services.

You’ve got an assortment of companies to call for a Full Home Inspection.

However, if you’d prefer to work with the local HVAC & Plumbing company in SW Oklahoma and Wichita Falls areas who is PROVEN to take your experience seriously, that’s Robinson Air.

Thanks for your time today, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.