10 Reasons Why Your AC Is Always Running
In S.W. Oklahoma

August 15, 2022

Discover Why Your AC Won’t Stop Running

For those who call Southwest Oklahoma home, you know just how hot it can get here in the summer! It is not uncommon to get temps that reach up to 110 degrees, and this means that your home’s AC unit is working to keep your home comfortable.

The problem you may be seeing is that during these heat waves, or any hot day, your AC is always running. Is this a problem? Well, it depends; in some cases, it could signal a very big issue. We are going to look at all the reasons why this could be happening to your AC unit.

1. Your AC Unit Is Too Small For Your Home

If your AC unit is constantly running, it may be too small based on the square footage of your home or room it is cooling.

If you set the temperature to stay at 78 in your home, and the AC is too small, it will never shut off because it is never meeting the requirements of the thermostat. This is why it is extremely important that you have the right size AC for your home.

2. The AC Unit Is Old

Air conditioning units are not meant to last forever. They do age, and when they age, they may start to lose the ability to properly cool your home. When this is the case, the AC unit will not turn off.

There are several components within your AC system that break down with age. Blower motor fans, cracked wiring harnesses, and the like are all elements that will interrupt the normal running of your AC unit.

3. You Have Air Leaks In Your Home

When air leaks are present in your home, this means all the hard work your AC is doing is being lost to the outside. Hence, the AC is going to keep running to cool down the house. It creates a vicious cycle!

Ideally, you want to ensure that you have sealed air leaks commonly found around the doors and windows to ensure hot air is not getting in, and your cool air from the AC is not leaking out.

4. Coils Are Dirty On Air Unit

Every AC unit has cooling coils which are meant to remove the heat from your home and cool it down. When these become dirty, they are not doing their job as efficiently, and the AC unit may constantly run to correct this issue.

This is why having a yearly inspection on your AC unit is so important, as this is an issue that can be remedied before you have to deal with the AC not running properly.

5. Thermostat Is Set To Run

Many times, when an AC will not stop running, it can be due to your thermostat being set to run. On any thermostat, there are “on, run, off” features. If you have this thermostat set to run, the AC will run constantly.

6. Super Hot Day

On super hot days or when a heat wave hits, you are going to find that your AC may constantly be running in an effort to cool your home.

Ideally, an AC should lower your interior temperature 20 degrees lower than the temperature outside. If you have a thermostat set at 65 on a 100 degree today, the AC is going to continuously run to try to bring interior temperatures down to what you have selected.

7. Clogged Air Filters

When was the last time that you switched out the air filters on your unit? When air filters become clogged this can lead to the AC unit constantly running. The airflow is being restricted, which means the unit is not able to cool to the temp you have on the thermostat.

8. Faulty Thermostat

An AC that is constantly running may not be an issue with the AC itself. It may be that the thermostat is faulty. Thermostats do break down and stop functioning.
When this is the case, installing a new thermostat may be the answer to the problem.

9. Blower Motor Issue

The blower motor in your AC unit is meant to turn on when the AC unit needs to cool down your home. The problem is that when the blower motor starts to malfunction, it may start to blow at a lower speed.

At a lower speed, the AC is not cooling the home to the desired temperature, which may result in it running constantly. In these cases, having a new blower motor installed or the fan speed adjusted could solve the problem.

10. Low AC Refrigerant

Your AC is going to have refrigerant in it that enables it to cool down the interior of your home. Refrigerant is not meant to last forever; it is lost as the unit continues to cool your home. When refrigerant becomes low, this results in the AC constantly running.

The only solution is to have the refrigerant replenished. But, this must be done by a qualified HVAC expert. This is not something meant to be a DIY project, as it is dangerous!

Call The Professionals When Your AC Is
Running Constantly

When you notice that your AC is constantly running, the first step is to rule out whether this is due to extreme outdoor temperatures. If it is an extremely hot day, then you may want to wait until it cools down at night to see if the AC unit is still constantly running.

However, if there are no extreme temps outdoors and you are still finding your AC running constantly, it is time to call the professionals.

Here at Robinson Air, we are here for your Southwestern Oklahoma home! Contact us today or call us at 580-699-5760 to have our AC specialist at your home 24/7/365 to ensure you are comfortable.