8 Most Common Heating Problems

February 22, 2023

8 Common Heating Problems Seen In
SW Oklahoma Homes

If Your Home Always Feels Cold, You Might Need To Call
The Local Professionals For Help

Nothing ruins a night in your SW Oklahoma home like an underperforming heating system. Cold noses, frigid toes, and extra blankets make for a miserable winter night. But beyond feeling uncomfortable, cold indoor temperatures can be dangerous to your home and health. It’s crucial to be aware of the most common heating issues that affect homes in SW Oklahoma.

Faulty or failing heating systems can cause busted pipes, increased illness, and even higher energy bills. Understanding what to look for and when to call for professional help is an essential part of home ownership.

You might need a simple HVAC repair or a full replacement of your unit – but either way, a licensed technician should be called to assess the problem. To best prepare you for the cold, our experts have put together a list of the eight most common heating problems seen in SW Oklahoma homes.

1. Lack Of Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining their HVAC units, most homeowners have an “out of sight, out of mind” mentality. Most people don’t give it a second thought and forget that maintenance is a must-have for a properly running HVAC system.

For instance, an unmaintained furnace could impact its ability to adequately heat your SW Oklahoma home. A poorly maintained furnace will have to work harder, and your energy bills will skyrocket as a result.

That’s why we recommended that you have maintenance performed on your furnace before each change in winter weather. Making a list of maintenance items to deal with as the season’s change can be a great way to avoid unexpected expenses and repairs.

2. Pilot Light Or Ignition Control Issues

Older furnace units will have a pilot light, while newer units will have an ignition control. Both of these can fail due to old age and mechanical issues.

A failed pilot light or ignition control will result in the heat not coming on – or only working intermittently.

But before you search for how to fix your pilot light, you should know this isn’t something that you want to repair on your own. These internal components are dangerous to work with unless you know what you are doing. Thus, calling a professional for HVAC repair is the best course of action in this situation.

3. The Filter

When was the last time you changed the filter in your furnace? If it has been a while, the heating issue in your home could be caused by a clogged air filter. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve been called to SW Oklahoma homes to find completely clogged filters wreaking havoc on the entire system.

In addition, when the filter is dirty, it can result in the limit switch being blown. The limit switch controls the fan pushing the warm air through the vents. Dirt, grime, and dust can overwork your system and cause the switch to fail.

To protect your system, ensure you are changing out your filter monthly. If you have pets inside, you may have to change the filter more often – depending on the amount of shedding and dander floating around inside.

4. Airflow Issues

Airflow issues are a blanket term for a number of potential HVAC problems. There could be fan motors that are not functioning at the minimum speed needed to blow warm air, or it could be that the ducts are clogged – resulting in limited warm air throughout your SW Oklahoma home.

Additionally, when the airflow is affected, it could be that your furnace is overheating. This issue causes your furnace to shut down, and it won’t heat your home – regardless of whether the temperature on the thermostat has been met.

Because this is such a tricky concept, it’s recommended that you call an expert technician to investigate. They’ll diligently search each component of your system and find the issue.

5. Faulty Thermostat

Believe it or not, your thermostat could be to blame when your home is not heating as it should. If the thermostat has a dead battery, is not set correctly, or has other internal issues – it can cause the furnace not to work when needed.

For homes with ancient thermostats, normal wear and tear could be the culprit. In these cases, having a newer thermostat that works with your furnace will quickly solve your problem. When you talk with your HVAC specialist, ask what the best thermostat is for your system. They’ll be able to make a recommendation that will have your heat up and running in no time.

6. Ductwork Leaking

Without proper TLC, the ductwork of any SW Oklahoma home only lasts for so long. Over time ductwork can start to leak – resulting in lost warm air and cold spots throughout your home.

When the ducts begin to leak, it is imperative to seal them as soon as possible. Warm air will flow freely and evenly once the holes have been patched.

Sealing ductwork can be a DIY task for many people, but a professional can give you maximum peace of mind. We often see multiple HVAC issues in homes with leaky ducts. It’s vital to fix all the problems so your system will run efficiently.

7. Lack Of Fuel

For those who use a furnace that runs on gas or oil, a lack of fuel could be causing issues. Even if you have enough oil in your tank, your lines could be blocked or clogged.

It’s important to hire a professional to work on your furnace. Even if you have a cursory understanding of the inner workings, it’s a dangerous and complex endeavor. Having a specialist handle the work is the best way to ensure it is properly completed.

8. Tripped Power Breaker

In some cases, your heating woes could be traced back to a tripped breaker. It may seem obvious, but crossing this off your list before you call a professional can save you time, money, and frozen feet.

If you return the breaker to the on position and it is tripped again, there could be a deeper underlying issue. In this case, you should call a professional to find out why your system is being overloaded.

Get Your SW Oklahoma Heat Running Again

Tired of feeling the cold in your SW Oklahoma home? If you’re experiencing an inefficient heating system, call the professionals to rule out any of these eight common problems. Our technicians are ready to help you feel comfortable all winter long.

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