With Robinson, You’ve Always Got Someone On Call

January 6, 2023

Robinson Air Is Always On Call And Working Hard During Our Harsh Weather Season

So Hard, We Make Our Teams Take Vacations!

In our neck of the woods (we’re based in Lawton, OK), there’s a particular time of year when we have to buckle up…raging winds, frigid temperatures, and ruthless snow and ice wreak havoc on residential infrastructure. 

Being from here, we knew the routine well before founding Robinson Air. Even so, throughout the decades, we’ve become accustomed to going above and beyond. It’s what we do. 

  • We’ve always got a team pre-assembled and ready to be on call around the clock (many of whom have big, tool-laden, heavy-duty trucks).
  • We spend a lot of time and energy balancing caring for each other and caring for as many people in trouble as possible when severe weather hits.
  • We also ask our team to take real, genuine, getting-out-of-town vacations for 2, 3, or 4 days from time to time. Get out! Get away! It’s essential to get recharged and revitalized to endure that stress during the winter months – compounded by the holidays.

A Recent Example

A couple of years ago, we went through, well, what one could call a ‘Biblical’ weather system with temperatures that got down so low it really did a number on local HVAC, plumbing (lots of water heater repairs!), and electrical systems. We’re talking record-setting low temps.

Sure, we had all our normal crew on call and ready to roll, but it got so bad, and so many people needed help we had to call in basically any warm body with a truck!

  • People were losing heat left and right.
  • People were losing access to water.
  • People couldn’t get up and running and to safety in the snowstorm.

We were putting out proverbial fires day in and day out. It became about quantity, not quality. There was too much to do to spend all our time helping a handful of families. And by the time the weather broke, our teams were ragged and exhausted… but we love getting people comfortable again

Do We Make A Killing Being That Busy?

No. Again, it’s about getting to as many people as possible, both folks living closer to town and those far out in the more rural areas.

Bottom Line: The people of SW Oklahoma take good care of us, so every year, we ensure we’re there for them! It’s honestly not about making money when emergencies hit. When the weather gets ugly, and people are in trouble, we make miracles happen. We move mountains. Together with emergency services, utility companies, and city/state resources, we all get by in a tough area of the country.

That being said, jot our number down. When the bad weather strikes, know that you can Contact Robinson Air around the clock, and we’ll do everything we can to help! Thanks.