Doing The Right Thing Is The Easiest Decision We Make As A Company

October 7, 2022

We Go The Extra Mile For Our Customers,
Even When We Don’t Have To

Doing The Right Thing Is The Easiest Decision
We Make As A Company

When we work on homes in S.W. Oklahoma, the relationships we form with homeowners don’t end when we’ve finished the work. If there’s ever a problem with an HVAC system we installed, we do everything we can to remediate the problem — no matter what!

Our airtight manufacturer warranties and 1-year workmanship warranty protect significant investments such as ductwork, heating, and cooling installation, and more.

But what happens when those warranties run out?

Instead of running and hiding or avoiding phone calls from worrisome customers having issues at home, we stand behind our installation work and get on the scene ASAP.

Homeowners can take advantage of Our 2 Am Standard and give us a call as soon as issues come up. Because life can be busy, and making an extra phone call during the day can seem daunting. And before you know it, the warranty has run out.

Here’s how we went above and beyond for a customer who put off his repairs significantly past his warranty period – because it was the right thing to do.

Here’s The Scoop

We recently received a call from a customer (we’ll call him Fred) whom we installed ductwork for back in 2016. Fred has a typical 2000-square-foot home, and a room in the back of the house wasn’t getting enough airflow. Summers can be brutally hot here in S.W. Oklahoma, and proper airflow is a must to stay comfortable.

Since we replaced Fred’s entire duct system, we knew each room of his house should receive the same amount of airflow. We were more than confident that we installed his air ducts correctly. After all, it’s been almost six years without a peep!
Nonetheless, we immediately got to Fred’s house to assess the situation.

We’re At Fred’s House. Now What?

After arriving, he informed us he’d been having this issue for quite some time, possibly since we installed the system! Having a room in the back of a home that receives little to no airflow is one of the most common problems we remediate for homeowners.

In fact, it’s so common that when we show up to initial consultations for ductwork problems, our first question is, “WHICH room isn’t receiving airflow?” and more often than not, it’s the room furthest away from the unit.

We don’t know why Fred waited so long to call us if he had airflow issues for six years, but we were happy to help him straighten everything out. After a quick investigation, we realized that larger ducts were needed to provide enough air to the room at the back of his house. At the time of the installation, we used standard-sized air ducts, thinking it would be enough.

Since both the manufacturer warranty and our workmanship warranty were long expired, Fred started to get a bit panicked about the cost of repairs.

How We Handled The Situation

We knew we had to help Fred out, even if he did wait extraordinarily long to contact us. Replacing air ducts with a larger size is a relatively quick project, only taking about four hours on average. Initially, we installed six-inch round ducts going to the bedroom at the back of the house, which we upgraded to eight-inch ducts to provide almost double the amount of airflow.

Then, we installed a dampener inside the duct system to accurately measure the amount of airflow through his entire house — not just the bedroom he called us about. Since the problem technically originated from our workmanship, we didn’t charge Fred a single penny for making these upgrades.

Not only does that mean more money in Fred’s pocket at the end of the day, but he’ll reap the benefits of his upgraded ductwork for many years to come.

Top-Notch Service Without Charging An Arm And A Leg —
That’s The Robinson Way!

In a situation where other contractors would take advantage of Fred, we knew the right thing to do was to help him in his time of need. We replace ductwork in homes of all ages, many times for the same reason we upgraded Fred’s system.

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