How We Manage 300 Service Calls Monthly Without Incidents

June 8, 2022

How We Manage To Do 280-300 Service Calls Monthly Without Incident

No One Serves S.W. Oklahoma’s HVAC Needs Like Robinson Air

At the time we’re putting this article together for you, it’s June, our busy season. During this month alone, we’ll complete 280-300 service calls and satisfy around 30 complete HVAC system installs as well.

When people first hear a number like that, questions start coming to mind like:

  • How do they manage all these service calls basically around the clock?
  • How do they manage to keep their customers happy, to where they maintain thousands of local 5-Star Reviews?
  • How do they manage to be prompt, courteous, and efficient without really ANY hiccups, hangups, or major headaches?
  • How do they manage to stick to their 2 am Standard, aka their 24/7 emergency HVAC service availability?

Well, there are a few great answers to these questions we’d like to share.

First, Our Modern CRM Software

Our customers are able to log into their own accounts on our website to access a portal that allows them to do a variety of things like scheduling services, checking their history with Robinson Air, etc.

It collects your basic information, then automatically keeps you updated in a non-spammy way. You’ll get texts and emails or calls when appropriate, so you know what to expect. For example, with service calls, you’ll know when your appointments are scheduled, when your tech is on the way, who your tech is, and much, much more!.

Second, We Focus On High-Priority Calls

In our neck of the woods (Southern Oklahoma and surrounding areas), we work with a lot of older folks and military families. If there’s someone in the house who really needs HVAC and plumbing systems to be functional, especially in the hot and cold months, we put them at the front of the line. 

We 110% CARE about our customers. When you work with us, we consider you part of the family and we’re going to bend over backward to accommodate you and your needs.

Third, We Replace Core Systems First

As far as installation projects are concerned, we do systems first. So, for example, let’s say you needed a new HVAC system and ductwork done in the middle of our hot summer season. We’re going to get the air conditioning going first, then do the ductwork. But, we’ll prioritize the HVAC system during the cooler months, making it quicker.

Let’s not forget about our talented and professional techs. We don’t want to keep them in the attics too long to where they pass out! Our customers really appreciate this level of thoughtfulness.

Finally, We LOVE What We Do (And Who We Serve)!

There’s no other industry we would rather be in. And there’s no other place we would rather serve. Over the last decade, we’ve considered it a great privilege to help homeowners in need when their HVAC, plumbing, and ductwork systems are causing trouble. We also provide full home comfort services.

There are always little treats along the way.

Here’s An Easy Example

Throughout the years we’ve found plenty of animals and critters hiding away, but only once have we found a couple of the cutest kittens hiding out in an attic. They had gotten up where they shouldn’t be, fell down, and got trapped. When we sent one of our guys out to get them, we didn’t charge the homeowners a penny.


Instead, we got them out of there and got them adopted by some huge cat lovers through social media.


Bottom Line: No One Is As Value-Driven As Robinson Air

We are proud to cherish a traditional, more classic kind of respect which we show on every project. We’re also proud to maintain unwavering reliability. And, we’re also not afraid to show who we are through our own flavor of Professionalism With A Sense Of Humor

If you would like to know more and experience our excellent service as well, don’t hesitate to reach out and Contact Us. We’re always available to chat, listen carefully, answer questions, and help you in a time of need. Thanks for your time today, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.