How We Changed This Man’s Mind About HVAC Contractors

July 20, 2022
Case Study

Case Study: S.W. Oklahoma HVAC Replacement

How We Changed This Man’s Mind About HVAC Contractors

In this HVAC case study, we’re looking at the experience of a hard-working man named Donovan, who had set the bar REALLY low regarding contractors. Before working with us, he had a somewhat negative opinion of home improvement specialists in general.

And that’s saying something when we consider that Donovan is a nationally-recognized instructor in commercial building. He teaches contractors, engineers, consultants, etc.

Why did he have such a disliking of HVAC contractors, then?

I’ve been through it on different homes. Always had to deal with low-quality HVAC companies, and you never know what you’ll get. Whether it’s HVAC, plumbing, or electrical, I’ve worked with many contractors and expected horrible service from Robinson Air.

Sadly, this is common. Many people across the nation have been burned by companies that simply don’t care enough about customer service and homeowner experience.

The Good News: This is where Robinson Air shines, which is why we have THOUSANDS of 5-star reviews.

But Donovan wasn’t aware of those. He didn’t read them. He simply went online, looked around for HVAC service in S.W. Oklahoma, found our website, and gave us a call.

First, He Tested The Quality Of Our Inspection

Donovan already knew EXACTLY what was wrong with his HVAC unit and what needed to be done… but he didn’t tell our specialist when he arrived the same day. Instead, he was expecting to be lied to, to get some sort of sales pitch for something he didn’t need.

I already knew what had to happen. I needed a new system. When they came out, I stayed quiet, though. I wanted to see whether the ‘specialist’ they sent would be full of crap. So, I played dumb.

What did he get? Pure honesty, respect, and professionalism.

We don’t use pressure sales. We don’t even approach projects from a sales perspective. We genuinely care about the people we help Get Comfortable Again!

They actually told me the truth. No lies. No BS. I was really surprised by what I got within the first hour. I was expecting something really horrible. They gave my HVAC system an in-depth inspection and explained what was needed in an understandable format.

The Major Obstacle We Ran Into? Solved!

Donovan decided to move forward with us, and soon we began replacing his old HVAC unit with something much more efficient and dependable.

On installation day, our team was about 45 minutes late. But, there’s a good reason, and it’s one of the ONLY reasons. We’re rarely late. However, Donovan’s installers were in an employee education class on this particular day. We’re constantly training our teams! That day’s lesson centered on 401k investment and finance.

I honestly didn’t mind because I was impressed that Robinson cares so much for their employees that they empower them with this kind of personal education!

When our installers arrived, they ran into a problem…the new HVAC unit was a bit bigger than the old one and wouldn’t fit in the original hole in the wall.

Are we carpenters? No, but we’re well-versed in HVAC installations, so we consulted Donovan about doing a small amount of carpentry work. He was okay with that and even told us not to think twice about any damages – but we worried about it anyway and were extremely careful.

That wasn’t all our installers dealt with for Donovan.

I was impressed by the grit of their install team. The really rough part was the 2-foot crawl space. They worked under there all day for ductwork and pulling new lines in the heat. It was HOT in that crawl space, but they never complained; no moaning or grumbling. It didn’t phase them! That alone was awesome.

Was he watching them work? You bet! Donovan estimates that in the beginning, he was watching them about 75% of the time… making sure they weren’t up to any funny business. He also asked our install team lots of questions and was excited to hear answers to all of them (sometimes in technical jargon).

Again, I was surprised to find out they actually knew what they were doing. They were really well-trained! And listen, this was my home, so it’s personal. After that first hour, I just started watching and learning. They could be teachers!

From A Three-Day Job – To Done Is Less Than One

Donovan honestly thought this would be a two or three-day job. The idea it could all happen in less than one just seemed too far-fetched. Despite extra carpentry work and harsh working conditions, everything was done perfectly.

They faced obstacles and uncomfortable working conditions to make this happen, yet showed no signs of frustration, only determination. I saw them displaying skill, talent, and old-school grit, rarely seen in today’s culture. They weren’t afraid of getting filthy along with the sweat and blood (literally) that had to happen to get this done and always kept a positive attitude when faced with these adversities.”

We also took great care of his home and property and explained each step of the process from beginning to end. Not because we wanted to impress Donovan, but because that’s part of our transparent process and commitment to Crystal-Clear Communication.

Bottom Line: We Changed Donovan’s Mind

While working with us, he saw some real professionals in action. We didn’t mistreat him but instead bent over backward to ensure he was delighted with our work.

In summary, this was the best home service repair I’ve ever experienced….

We appreciate that. It’s an honor to serve the good people of the S.W. Oklahoma area. If you’re in need of an HVAC inspection or replacement, don’t hesitate to reach out, contact us and Schedule A Service Appointment.

We look forward to hearing from you soon, and thanks for your time today.