Need Proof We’re As ‘Hometown’ As It Gets?

December 22, 2023

Come And See For Yourself Just How ‘Local’
And ‘Hometown’ Robinson Air Has Become

When This Kind Of Thing Happens Around The Office,
You Know You’re A Pillar Of The SW Oklahoma Community

Here’s the question:

How Do You Know When Your Business
Has Become A Pillar Of The Community?

That’s a tough one. And there are probably a ton of answers you could toss out, like:

  • After you’ve been in business for decades.
  • Once you’ve amassed thousands of 5-star reviews.
  • When your local commercials are… hilarious!
  • Or maybe once your service area is big enough?
  • While we can relate to all those points to one degree or another, here’s something that really touches our hearts.

    There Was This Elderly Gentleman
    Who’d Stop By Our Office Just To Visit…

    Not too long ago, one of our customers, an elderly gentleman, passed away in his early 70s. Believe it or not, a group of our team actually went and paid their respects at his funeral.

    Why? Why would an HVAC and plumbing company do that?

    Well, you see, after we had the chance to work for him, he enjoyed our Core-Value-Driven customer service so much that he’d visit our office just to shoot the breeze. Just to chat. Not long before he passed, he stopped by once a week for some laughs, to tease us a bit, and, of course, to get his hands on more swag: hat, beanie, mugs, koozies, even a pocket knife.

    He’d just sit in the reception area, and he basically got to know half the company on a first-name basis.

    God bless his soul.

    Now, that right THERE is what we live for at Robinson Air. It’s what makes ‘work’ transcend into a ‘life’ of service and sociability you can be proud of. And we are! If you were to browse our reviews, you’d see it’s arguably the #1 thing people talk about: our team themselves.

    Here’s a small handful of examples. The only thing we did was remove specific people’s names.

    “They have amazing employees. They’re very professional, polite folks. They always take their time to make sure whatever service they do, it’s done exceptionally well!”

    “Robinson Air is always quick to assist with problems. They’re very courteous, knowledgeable, and caring. I was trying to take care of my special needs son while their tech needed me to sign paperwork, and he was so understanding and patient. My issue with my furnace was corrected quickly and painlessly, and we were back to normal life in no time.”

    “They were professional and informed me of their progress each day. I appreciated their cordial demeanor and the care they took to clean up. They also took care around my furniture.”

    “Everyone I dealt with at Robinson Air, throughout quoting, selecting, and installing two new units for my home, was nothing short of amazing. Everyone was very respectful/courteous, patient, and transparent throughout the process. I can tell that they have an enormous amount of pride in everything they do, and I feel confident that everything was done right the first time.”

    “They provided phenomenal service and a remarkable attitude. Super informative, clear, concise, and gave a comforting insight into concerns with our equipment. Will be utilizing your company again for our unit replacement in the near future prior to next summer.”

    “It’s about the Robinson Air company culture. It’s 100% local, downhome – we’re based in Lawton (where our founder grew up). These are our stomping grounds, and this type of connection with the community is why folks come to our office to chat and leave us so many reviews!”

    HVAC Or Plumbing Issues?

    Reach Out & Experience The Robinson Air Difference

    If you live anywhere around Lawton or Southwestern Oklahoma, reach out and connect with Team Robinson. Of course, you can stop by our office anytime during office hours. You can also give us a call at [tel] (do you know about our 2 AM Standard?) or use our website’s simple Contact Us form. We look forward to hearing from you, welcoming you into our customer family, and getting you comfortable again!