Plumbing Services: Does Your Fletcher, OK, Home Insurance Cover You?

October 9, 2023

Plumbing Services: Does Your Fletcher, OK,
Home Insurance Cover You?

Learn If Your Home Insurance
Could Pay Your Plumber

Have you ever required plumbing services in Fletcher, OK, and wondered if there was a way for your home insurance to pay for these issues? If you have, you are not alone.

After all, considering how much you pay for your home insurance coverage, you may think it should cover something other than a natural disaster striking. Plus, if you hear about neighbors having their roofs replaced by home insurance, it makes sense to wonder if plumbing services are also covered.

If your Comanche County home needs plumbing services, there could be a chance that your home insurance will help to cover the costs of the plumbing issues you are having. However, certain conditions need to be met before your insurance will pay.

When Will Home Insurance Cover
Plumbing Services?

You pay for your home insurance every few months or yearly, so most homeowners are happy when they discover that some plumbing services are covered by home insurance.

1. Burst Pipes

If you have a burst pipe, then your home insurance may cover the cost of repairing the damage that has been caused. This situation is often caused by freezing winter temperatures that cause the water to freeze within the pipes. Once the ice expands to a certain point, the pipes burst.

For example, some homeowners find their policy will cover repairing drywall and carpet. However, the insurance may not cover the actual cost of replacing the burst pipe.

Plus, if you are found to be negligent and caused the burst pipe, your home insurance can easily deny the claim. When you left the house for the winter and forgot to turn on the heat resulting in frozen pipes, the insurance company would see this as negligent behavior and not pay anything.

2. Leaky Appliances

Your refrigerator has water leaking out from under it, as the water line going into the ice maker has a large hole in it. The plumber can cut off the water and replace the line.

However, what about all the water that leaked under your floor throughout the night as you slept and didn’t know your kitchen floor was flooded?

In these situations, your home insurance may cover the cost of replacing the flooring that has been damaged. However, the repair cost is not covered unless you have added equipment breakdown insurance to your homeowner’s policy.

3. Water Overflow

In situations where your tubs, toilets, and sinks overflow with water due to your own negligence, you will find that most homeowners’ policies will pay for any resulting damage.

For example, if you leave the tub running, hear a knock at the door, and walk to get it, then return to a flooded floor, your policy will probably cover any needed floor care.

However, what if you have water overflow due to clogged drains? If the clog in the pipe is in your plumbing property, your home insurance will cover the damage. If the clog were to be in the city-wide sewer system, that is the city’s responsibility to ensure it is running, and your insurance may not cover any damages.

What Plumbing Service Situations
Will Home Insurance Deny

There are a few situations where your home insurance will be denied. These situations include the following:

  • Sewer backups or sump pump failures resulting in water backup in your home may or may not be covered, as it depends upon your policy.
  • Flooding due to a broken pipe or other issue may not be covered unless you have specific flood insurance.
  • Any type of plumbing issue that is due to general wear and tear or is considered maintenance is not covered by your home insurance.

If you question whether your home insurance covers a plumbing service or not, it is best to talk with your agent about what is and is not covered for a better understanding.

Submitting A Claim For Plumbing Services

If you wonder whether submitting a claim to your home insurance is worth it, you must consider the situation and the damage.

When damage is minor, it may be best to avoid filing a claim. Your deductible may be more than the cost of fixing the damage, resulting in your insurance not paying anything.

Remember, any time you file a claim with your insurance company, you could see your rates increase afterward. Many companies tend to increase rates when claims have been filed. For this reason, many people prefer to deal with many of their plumbing issues on their own dime.

Quality Plumbing Services In
Fletcher, OK, You Can Trust

When your Fletcher, OK, home requires plumbing services, we are here for you. Whether you want to file a claim with your home insurance is a personal decision. However, we can help you understand the damage and the cost associated with the repair.

Remember, a huge part of avoiding major plumbing disasters is maintenance. And Robinson Air is also happy to help with maintenance issues.

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