Learn About A Policy We Use With Local Seniors To Keep Them Ultra-Safe

October 5, 2023

This Policy We Use When Working With Seniors
Keeps Them Safe & Their Families Happy

Under Certain Circumstances, We Call In Reinforcements

Here in SW Oklahoma, we work with plenty of senior citizens. It’s an honor, really. And from time to time, these folks may be dealing with the early stages of dementia or have a hard time remembering things. Or, maybe they’re hard of hearing.

Whatever the case is, we have policies in place to ensure they get comfortable with new HVAC systems or HVAC maintenance, but we also make sure their interests are protected.

Because let’s be frank: senior citizens are targeted by dishonest people all the time in this country. At Robinson, we take steps to ensure everyone involved knows we’re only there to help and provide the services and products they NEED.

Sometimes, We Call In Reinforcements

Typically, we’ll get some idea about things on the phone when folks call us about investing in a new AC or getting their heater fixed, etc. If they’re hard of hearing, we’ll find out right then and there.

Can you speak up? I’m hard of hearing!

Sometimes, though, we don’t become aware until our Comfort Advisor gets to the home to speak with them, only to discover that they deal with this condition or that. When this happens, we get the family or a caretaker involved. It could be a son or daughter, a caretaker, or someone who comes in and checks on them. We just want someone to see that everything is transparent and honest. 

Do We Get A Third Party Involved…
Before Or After The Senior Signs A Contract?

After. And this is because folks are tempted to inject their own subjective opinions. Or, simply put, rather than being there to ensure no one’s taking advantage of the situation, they try and take over the project entirely.

But, at the end of the day, it’s the senior who’s paying and living in this space. So, we work with them to do what’s in their best interests and then have a family member come to confirm there’s been no funny business – that we’re not taking advantage.

What If The Third Party Sees A Problem?

While this almost never happens, if the third party we’ve called in to check on things has a problem with the services the senior has agreed to, we’ll sit down and help them understand each detail. We’ll walk through every feature, put a magnifying glass on the numbers, and show them why the services are packaged the way they are.

Bottom Line: We don’t sell people things they don’t need.

Are You A Senior In Need Of
Integrity-Driven HVAC Services?

One thing’s for sure – we didn’t earn THOUSANDS of 5-star reviews over the years by treating people with dishonesty. We didn’t build our rock-solid local reputation by being unethical or attempting to take advantage of people. With Robinson, you’re in good hands.

Whether you need Air Conditioning Services or any other service Home Comfort Services we offer, we’re honored to hear from you! Don’t hesitate to contact us here or give us a call at (580) 699–5760.