Consistent HVAC Temps In SW Oklahoma

October 18, 2023

Robinson Air Guarantees Consistent Air Temps
Throughout Your SW Oklahoma Home

Here’s How We Do It & Why Accuracy Is So Important

In the heating and cooling business, temperature is the name of the game. But maintaining consistent temps throughout your SW Oklahoma home isn’t always easy. When things break down or less qualified HVAC teams install new systems…one room might feel perfect while in another, the thermometer’s far off in left field.

That’s why we work hard to ensure your air quality and temperature stay in a comfortable, healthy range. We do this by factoring in your entire HVAC system instead of just isolating one problem at a time.

Our Whole System Approach To Heating & Cooling

We don’t think of your heater and AC as entirely separate entities. We think of them as two sides to the same coin. So, we don’t think of each individual room of your home as a separate unit. We think of it as part of the entire heating and cooling system.

Every room should be the same temperature and have–more or less–the same level of air quality. And you can only achieve that by factoring in every aspect of your system–from your AC unit itself to your ventilation, ductwork, and more.

We call this our whole system approach.

And here’s our guarantee based on that approach.

“When we install a new HVAC system in your home, we guarantee there won’t be more than a 2-degree difference in temperature from room to room.”


An Example Story From A Customer
Who Complained His Temps Were Off

The reason why it’s tricky to get consistent temperatures throughout your home has a lot to do with ventilation and insulation. Even if your heater or AC is in ship shape, you can lose–or let in–a lot of heat due to poor insulation or a leaky window.

Even something as simple as needing new air filters can affect temperature consistency.

That said, we have a painstaking system for testing each individual room to make sure it doesn’t vary more than two degrees Fahrenheit from any other room in the house.

There was one occasion when a homeowner kept calling us back with an inconsistent reading in one particular room. It was four to six degrees warmer than his other rooms! After some serious sleuthing, we figured out his temperature-taking methods weren’t ideal.

He was using a temperature gun designed to take the temp of surfaces ONLY, and he was taking the reading on a door that opened to the outside. What he needed was an air thermometer. After replacing it with the correct type of thermometer, the readings stayed within the target 2-degree range–problem solved.

Comfort Is Key & Our Comfort Club Helps Keep
Your Temperature And Air Quality Consistent.

While a 3 or 4-degree temperature fluctuation isn’t dangerous, it’s not ideal either. It’s a lot more comfortable to have every room at the same temperature.

Well, we think comfort is what our customers deserve, so we won’t quit until your home is at the right temperature. We even have a preventative maintenance package known as our VIP Comfort Club. With it, you get certain guaranteed heating and AC services throughout the year to keep your whole system in pristine condition.

After all, with SW Oklahoma’s reliable HVAC contractor, your comfort is key.

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