What’s In Our 1,000+ Reviews? These 5 Words Are Mentioned Often

November 29, 2023

5 Words Or Themes SW Oklahoma Homeowners
Put In Their 5-Star Reviews Of Robinson Air

Take A Look Inside Our Pristine, 4.9 of 5.0 Reviews
And Well-Known, A+ BBB Rating

You can learn tons about SW Oklahoma HVAC contractors by reading their reviews.

Where many others shy away from showing their reviews because they’re afraid you’ll find bad ones that show them in a negative light, we encourage you to check ours out. Seriously, you can see many of our reviews here.

As you read through our countless reviews, you’ll see five words or themes mentioned often.

  • Quality
  • Friendly
  • Respectful
  • Punctual
  • Communicative

This is no accident. These are five of the same words we take the most seriously at Robinson Air, and it’s a safe bet you’ll see all five when you interact with us.

Quality Results

Most of all, you want an HVAC technician who does quality work. If they’re friendly and arrive on time, but your HVAC system breaks down not long after they’re done, then that’s no good.

That’s why we place quality above all else. We ensure your HVAC system runs as it should. And if it doesn’t, we’ll come back and fix it. We won’t rest until you’re 100% comfortable.

Now, anyone can claim they do great work — few can prove it through impeccable reviews and an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Robinson Air can prove it, and we do have impeccable reviews when it comes to the quality of our service, along with a perfect BBB rating, to boot:

“Very prompt. Very courteous. Great price. Explained everything to me about my system. Thank you so much, Robinson Air!”

“Everyone I dealt with at Robinson Air, throughout the entire process of price quoting, selecting, and installing two new units for my home, was nothing short of amazing.”

“Daniel arrived promptly and completed the repairs under the estimated time frame. I was thankful for his skills in getting our HVAC back running in the Oklahoma August heat.”


You can fake a smile, but you can’t fake genuine friendliness. And that’s what our technicians are — friendly to their core.

Now, we don’t mean someone who’s friendly because they’re supposed to be while they’re on the job. Instead, we hire people who are sincerely excited about life and enjoy the Lawton, OK, community, so they never have to force it.

Why do we do this?

We’ve found (and you probably have to) that friendly people are more pleasant to work with. After all, you’re letting the technician we send into your home, in many cases. You need someone who’s a joy to be around, and that’s exactly what our technicians are:

“Everyone from the moment you call is friendly, professional and helpful! They know my system is 13 years old, but they have not tried to tell me I HAVE to replace it.”

“My Robinson tech was great, nice, personable, and was very good about giving me advice… He was very professional but also pleasant to be around. And kind when my stupid Chihuahua nipped at him.”

“Our Robinson tech was one of the most genuine, nicest people my wife and I had ever met. He was professional and courteous, and he would not leave without making sure we were 100% a go! He’s definitely getting a Christmas card from us.”


Respect is one of our core values. We’re locals to Lawton, OK, and the surrounding SW Oklahoma communities. This means we view you as our neighbors, and our behavior is (you guessed it) — neighborly. That’s why at Robinson Air, our technicians:

  • Arrive on time
  • Wear shoe covers
  • Maintain clean work areas
  • Take extra time to explain their work

And, in our eyes, these are requirements for our Robinson Air technicians. However, we often see our techs go above and beyond the standard as well. Not because they’re required to or will get credit. Instead, it’s because they’re genuinely respectful people.

And the respect we show on every project shows up in our reviews:

“Everyone was very polite, professional and respectful. These guys knew exactly what to do and when to do it. They worked diligently and respected me and my property.”

“Our Robinson techs were respectful, polite, and professional young men! I didn’t hate having them on my property or in my home. They showed up when they said they would and got things done.”

“Our tech wore booties to not track dirt through my house. While he was doing paperwork in the truck, FedEx delivered a package. He, aware of my limited mobility, brought the package into my house for me.”


We get it — it gets HOT in SW Oklahoma. So, when your HVAC system isn’t working right, you need a technician who will show up quickly and get the job done right. Otherwise, you could get stuck for days without reliable air conditioning.

So, we make an effort to ALWAYS show up on time or ahead of schedule. And, without rushing, we work fast to diagnose the issue and fix it.

Our punctuality and timeliness show up time and time again in reviews:

“I came home tonight to an 82-degree house. Called Robinson Air, and the tech was at my house within an hour.”

“They were available, prompt, professional. The technician was awesome. Thanks for getting our HVAC back online.”

“Robinson was on time, professional, and detailed in their work. Thank you guys for never letting us down and always answering your phone….even on Labor Day!”


We know HVAC technicians are notorious for providing half-hearted explanations of their work, if they give any explanation at all. And we get that most of the explanations from OTHER technicians are filled with technical jargon that creates more questions than it answers.

That’s not how we do things here at Robinson Air

We give you clear and concise explanations about your HVAC system, and we’ll stay as long as necessary to ensure you’re comfortable and have all of the information you need.

You also stay informed. We send you details about your technician before they arrive, such as their name, how they look, and fun tidbits of information. This way, they aren’t strangers showing up at your door.

Also, we’ll always update you on ETAs, and you’ll never be in the dark when it comes to the progress we’re making.

But don’t take our word for it. See what our clients have to say about our communication:

“This company communicates well! They were great about keeping me updated on the time of arrival. When our tech arrived, he was very kind and informative.”

“Our Robinson tech took the time to explain everything and answered all my questions. Awesome customer service!”

“Our Robinson tech was great! He went through my service call, and we discussed the process and evolution of what had occurred in my system. Great quality and communication.”

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