Why We’re ‘Going Back To The Drawing Board’ In 2024

November 21, 2023

Our Theme At Robinson Air For 2024 Is…
Getting Back To The Service Basics!

We Work Hard To Remember Why We Created Robinson
And Why We Do What We Do In Southwestern Oklahoma

Every year, to keep things popping around Robinson Air, we (in other words, our founder, Darryl Robinson) like to put a certain “theme” forward for our team. It helps to give everyone a rallying point and one specific aspect of our work to focus on.

For 2024, “Getting Back To Service Basics” is the theme.

Let’s talk a little about what that means for the families of Southern OK, who we serve proudly and with distinction, year in and year out.

Revisiting Our Foundational Reason: Helping People

Our founder, Darryl, has been in the home improvement or Home Comfort industry for a VERY long time. If you’ve read through Our Story, then you know it goes back 30+ years. In the beginning, what really captured Darryl was the ability to work closely with and help people.
The thing was, as an employee of a local contractor, he could only help so many. Instead of 50 or even 500 customers a year, Darryl needed deep down in his bones to figure out how to help 5,000+! It must’ve been written in his DNA.

The Solution: Robinson Air.

The company has given him the ability to build a team and help many, many, many thousands of families across the region. And, by our thousands of 5-star Customer Reviews, you can see the plan is working splendidly.

Keeping The Focus On ‘People-First’ Service

Here are just a handful of things we do to foster a company culture based on honest, transparent, principled work for good people.

  • Our techs are trained, retrained, and then trained some more on Robinson-Air-style service – respectful, higher-caliber, accommodating, detailed, communicative, etc.
  • A lot of this revolves in one way or another around our Core Values.
  • We LOVE bringing in the younger generation and giving them a genuinely good, honest path forward to help them develop a TRUE sense of customer relations while meeting their goals – good pay & benefits, help with marriage & building a family, etc.
  • Happy employees who make our customers happy is what we’re about. We live for building relationships with locals who get to know us over a long haul.
  • Why do we do what we do? To make people comfortable. It’s that simple. And from the way we dress and conduct ourselves to how we bend over backward for people…we do just that.

    When Issues Pop Up – We Take Care Of Them

    Imagine we’re neck-deep in a Southern OK winter, and something goes wrong. Being able to see the smiles on mom and dad’s faces, holding their children when they thank us for our Heating Repair services, is PRICELESS.

    Or, what if we’re in the heat of the summer months around here, and a little 78-year-old lady’s AC goes kablooey? That’s a serious issue! She can’t wait for days or weeks. The look on her face when she thanks us for the speedy New AC installation…is priceless.

    THESE MOMENTS are what 2024’s theme is all about.

    For us, our hearts and souls need more than “working late” or “long, rough days,” and these moments with people make everything worth it. Deeply. Sincerely.

    We’re helping PEOPLE: husbands, wives, moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas, etc., and the kids. If we’re putting a system in and notice that your fire detector is out, we’ll go grab some batteries and fix it ourselves. Why? Because we want to leave a positive impact.

    Want To Learn More About Us & Our HVAC Services?

    Don’t Hesitate To Connect With Team Robinson

    If you’re in the Southwestern Oklahoma area, we want you to know you can count on us for your heating, cooling, and Plumbing needs. And guess what? You’ll enjoy working with us. Feel free to give us a call at [tel] whenever you need help. Or, you can use either our Contact Us or Request Service forms, and we’ll get right back to you. Let us help you get comfortable again!