3 Common Types Of Plumbers

May 11, 2024

3 Types Of Southwest Oklahoma Plumbers
The Good. The Bad. And The Ugly.

Your Go-To Guide On How To Spot The Right
Plumber & How To Avoid The Others

When you have a plumbing issue come up, finding the right plumber for the problem can be a whole project in itself. Some are neighborhood handymen, some are freelance contractors, and some actually know what they’re doing.

With almost any home improvement project, including plumbing, you’ll want to meet with three companies and get three quotes.

And because you’ll likely cross a variety of plumbers in your search for the right one, here’s a helpful list that highlights the “all-stars” (the ones you’re likely to meet).

The 3 Quintessential Plumber Types

We’re not saying all plumbers will fit neatly into these three categories. But, in our experience, we have found that most of them do. So, without further ado….here they are:

The “Chuck-In-A-Truck”

“Chuck-In-A-Truck”s are easy to spot. They roll up in your driveway late and in an unmarked, unlabeled pickup truck. The truck is typically dinged, dented, and needs a new paint job. And when “Chuck-In-A-Truck” opens his truck door to get out, old fast food bags usually spill out onto your driveway.

“Chuck” is often unkemptly dressed and leaves a trail of mud in his wake as he enters your home. Besides their disheveled nature, this type is prone to deliver sloppy work with outdated tools and techniques.

And this can leave you with even bigger plumbing issues than when you started. Though they may be harmless and have good intentions, it’s best to avoid the unreliable “Chuck-In-Truck.”

The Cocky Salesman (aka The Swindler)

At first, the Cocky Salesman appears confident and promising. They typically give off a first impression of well-pressed cleanliness and a winning smile. But the longer the Cocky Salesman is in your presence, the more fuel they gain…until you notice you haven’t said a single word in 20 minutes.

That’s right – this type of plumber often talks at you, talks over you, or refuses to listen altogether. They claim to know what’s best without ever hearing the problem to begin with.

And unfortunately, this type of plumber will often attempt to sell you a service you don’t need (think full piping replacement instead of fixing your dripping faucet). Steer clear of the Cocky Salesman…at all costs!

The Customer-Focused, Experienced Plumber

Now, this type of plumber is a breath of fresh air. They show up to your home on time, in a professionally wrapped truck, and in a company uniform. Like the Cocky Salesman, the Customer-Focused Plumber will have a smile on their face…but this smile is a genuine one.

They respect your home, listen to your concerns, and use professional tools and technology. From there, they properly diagnose the plumbing problem before offering their HONEST suggestions. After giving you their assessment, they’ll offer you a reliable service at a fair price.

You’ll tend to be wary of the Customer-Focused Plumber, as they might seem too good to be true – but we promise, they exist! And they really do have your best interest in mind.

Robinson Air Offers Reliable, Honest Plumbing
Assessments To SW Oklahoma

Now that you know the three most common types of Southwest Oklahoma plumbers, guess which ones we are…

That’s right, at Robinson Air, we’re #3 – the Customer-Focused, Experienced Plumber. Unlike the “Chuck-In-A-Truck”s or Cocky Salemans of the plumbing world, we give you honest assessments and recommendations at a fair price. It’s that simple.

We’ve been operating since 2011, always go the “extra yard”, and have earned ourselves THOUSANDS of five-star online reviews from 100% satisfied customers. It’s time to experience great plumbing for yourself at Robinson Air.

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