HVAC Online Reviews Really Do Matter

April 20, 2024

Do Online Reviews Really Matter When You
Choose An HVAC & Plumbing Company?

We’ll Give You Hint – The Answer Is YES!

Remember when scouring the Yellow Pages was the only option for finding an HVAC and plumbing company? In those days, hiring a company was like spinning a roulette wheel…you just had to choose one and hope for the best.

Today, homeowners are more fortunate. You have handy sites like Yelp and Google to help sift through your options. And through online reviews, you get the chance to shop for a reliable company without ever leaving your house.

But do online reviews really matter?

Well, as a local Southwest Oklahoma HVAC and plumbing company, we can say first-hand that online reviews mean A LOT to us at Robinson Air. And they should mean a lot to you, too.

What To Look For In Online Reviews When
Shopping For Your HVAC Company

Sometimes sifting through online reviews can be overwhelming when looking for a reliable heating, cooling, and plumbing company. Here are a few things to keep in mind when starting your search…

How MANY Reviews Does The HVAC Company Have

The amount of reviews an HVAC company has speaks volumes. Though some companies have been around for decades, many have very few reviews.

But what does this say about the company?

Look for companies with several (preferably 100+) reviews. This way, you get a chance to read through hundreds of true customer experiences…if you so choose. And if you want to hone in on just a few, that’s fine too.

The amount of reviews and star ratings contribute to the overall company rating on each review site. So, the more five-star reviews, the better.

Quality Of Review Content

Unfortunately, some desperate companies pay writers or use computer-generated “writers” to flood their positive reviews. Some of these “paid reviews” are easy to spot, but through AI, they’re becoming harder and harder to identify.

When reading online reviews, be sure you’re reading actual, authentic reviews. Look for things like project details, specific work done, uploaded customer photos, and locale references. These elements will help you filter out the real reviews from the fakes.

It’s also helpful to look for more detailed reviews so you get a more well-rounded picture of how the company operates. Customers aren’t scared to post their actual experiences online, and many will not sugarcoat their dissatisfaction.

When it comes to online reviews, honesty and authenticity are always best!

Which Site Is The Review Posted On?

It’s pretty obvious that there’s an endless stream of review sites online – besides the juggernauts, like Google and Yelp, you have Facebook, BBB, and more. How are you supposed to know which sites are legit and which are the phonies?

Though we might be biased, we believe Google is one of the most consistently reliable review sites. Google reviews are processed before they’re published to eliminate spam and fake reviews. This helps ensure the reviews you do read are real and reliable.

At Robinson Air, We’re Proud Of
Our 1,000+ Online Reviews

As we said, we might be biased, but we’re still incredibly proud of our 1000+ Google reviews from our happy Southwest Oklahoma customers. What company wouldn’t be thrilled with this volume of excellent reviews?

As a heating, cooling, and plumbing company that’s been around for over 30 years, our reputation matters to us. And when we do get the occasional less-than-five-star review, we make sure to fix it and learn from our mistakes moving forward.

Great feedback is always nice to hear, but being held accountable by you helps us grow and makes our company strive for excellence.

If you’re ready for HVAC or plumbing service from a reputable, reliable Southwest Oklahoma company, contact Robinson Air today for a free quote.