5 Things To Check Before Hiring An HVAC Company

April 21, 2024

Check These 5 Things BEFORE
Hiring An HVAC Company

Use This Handy List To
Check All The Boxes

Is your furnace blowing out cool air? Or did your AC finally go kaput? If you’re having any type of heating or cooling issue, chances are you’ll need to hire an HVAC company. But with so many Southwest Oklahoma companies to choose from, how are you supposed to find the RIGHT one?

Well, here’s where our handy checklist comes in. At Robinson Air, we want you to be empowered when hiring your HVAC company. So, we’ve compiled a short list of the five most vital things to check off before saying, “You’re hired!”

Your Handy-Dandy HVAC Company Checklist

If you’ve never had to hire a heating or cooling company, you might not even know where to start when vetting them. Here is a brief list of the necessary requirements…no “ifs,” “ands,” or “buts.”

The HVAC Company Must Have Excellent Online Reviews

Online reviews from reputable sites can give you an insider’s look at how a company performs and treats its customers. So, checking for the amount of reviews and their star rating is a must. We recommend at least 100 five-star Google reviews – at the bare minimum.

It doesn’t hurt to spend some time actually reading reviews from real customers. You’ll get a good idea of the type of service and experience you can expect.

Ensure They Perform The HVAC Service You Need

This one may sound like a given, but not all HVAC companies perform all HVAC jobs. For example, many heating and cooling companies advertise furnace or AC repair, when they actually have no intention of doing them – they’re really aiming for the sale of a new system altogether.

So, if your furnace or air conditioner only needs a quick fix, be sure the company you hire will do the repair…and not try to upsell you on a system you don’t need.

Do They Have Proper Credentials?

Let’s face it – any Tom, Dick, or Harry can say they do HVAC work, but most are amateurs at best. HVAC systems are complex and need proper training to be fully understood.

We recommend asking your potential heating and cooling company where they trained and to see any licenses, accreditations, or even industry awards they have attained. It’s also a good idea to ask if they background check their technicians. After all, these people are coming into your home!

How Long Have They Been In Business?

You might not think it’s important to hire an established HVAC company but trust us, it is. A company that’s been around for 10+ years proves it can be financially stable and has earned its customers’ satisfaction and reputation in the community.

But the best part of working with an established company is receiving the benefit of years of hands-on heating and cooling experience. And that’s priceless.

Explore The Company’s Website

Sure, there are probably great HVAC companies with terrible sites and vice versa. But, generally speaking, the care and attention a heating and cooling company puts into their website says a lot about their level of professionalism.

Professional HVAC companies who take themselves and you seriously tend to have professional-looking websites. And these sites should tell you exactly what services they perform and who they are as a company, as well as provide you with other helpful information.

At Robinson Air, We Check Off All The Necessary
Boxes That Make An HVAC Company Great

Doing the right Southwest Oklahoma HVAC company research can help narrow your choices and lead you to the right company for your job. And at Robinson Air, we check all the necessary boxes!

As an established company that’s been around since 2011, we’ve earned a whopping 1,000+ Google reviews! Plus, we’re trained, certified, and maintain an A+ rating as an accredited company with the Better Business Bureau. And our expert technicians are vetted, friendly, and come stamped with 100% approval!

Get started today on your Southwest Oklahoma heating or cooling project with a reliable, experienced company. Contact Robinson Air today for your free quote.