Why Veterans Day Is Special To Us

November 12, 2023

Around Veterans Day, We Pay Tribute To Our
Military & Reaffirm Our Commitment To Service.

Our Uniformed Men & Women Serve To Protect Our Nation,
While At Robinson, We Serve & Care For Our Community

At Robinson Air, the Veteran’s Day holiday is one of the big holidays of our year, on par with, say, Christmas or Halloween. In today’s blog, we’d like to explain why and, in the process, help you get to know us a bit better.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

Let’s Talk About Service

Service, as in serving others, is one of the highest forms of good. It’s also one of the highest callings we as individuals can embrace.

Our founder, Darryl Robinson, is a man who truly lives and breathes that quote above. When Veteran’s Day comes around, it helps remind us that giving of one’s self, helping to build and protect a nation, or keeping Air Conditioning units and Heating Systems running during harsh winters and summers…is what life’s REALLY about.

  • Not consumerism
  • Nor making money
  • It’s about service

Being so close to Fort Sill, we work with many military folks, and it’s a treat. We always try to show a little extra appreciation, but around early November, we can’t help but kick it up a notch.

How Did Darryl End Up In Lawton?

Darryl’s father, Marshall, is a veteran of the Vietnam War. He came to Fort Sill back in the late 60s for his basic training before going off to the East and met Darry’s mother while in Lawton. They were married in 1967. This is why Darryl ended up moving to Lawton from Alabama at around seven and was raised here.

These days, Darryl usually gets to see his father twice a year, and they usually go out to dinner. When Marshall shows up, even in his elderly years, he’s proudly wearing his special military hat and t-shirt advocating for ‘God & County.’

While he served decades ago, his father’s contribution to American/World history is still relevant.

Let’s talk a little bit about why.

Why Does Marshall Wear His Vietnam War Hat?

America today is much kinder and more appreciative of our servicemen and women than people were towards the end of the war in Vietnam. Public sentiment for the war back then was at an all-time low, and when Marshall and other military servicepeople were coming back and returning home…they often didn’t get warm welcomes.

Instead, they were harassed. Called names. Disrespected. And worse… during the 70s’ it wasn’t as common for everyday Americans to clap for Marshall or stop and thank him for his service.

However, things have changed. When Darryl’s dad wears his hat out on the town with his son, today he’s thanked.

…he’s recognized.

…he’s acknowledged.

… he’s lifted up.

His service and the fact he put his life on the line for his country is applauded.

That being said, from the whole Robinson family and Team Robinson, this Veterans Day and each day, we thank our military for their service. And we’re thankful to be a Southern Oklahoma service company. Taking care of this community over the decades and for decades to come is an honor.

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