Why We Love Regularly Attending Industry Conferences

November 29, 2022

Industry Conferences Are A Great Place
To Mingle, Learn, And Have Fun!

Staying Up-To-Date On Best Practices Keeps
Robinson Air At The Top Of The Leaderboard

At least two or three times a year, we gather a group of our employees, load up the company van, and hit the road! Destination: the next conference or industry expo.

Sure, we sometimes have to travel through multiple states to reach our final destination — but it’s always worth it! To provide the best HVAC services in the entire state of Oklahoma, we are constantly learning from the leading experts in the field.

Then, we can bring that knowledge back to our local communities and implement the new techniques and processes we’ve adopted along the way. Staying on top of industry advancements ensures we always provide our customers with top-tier products with the know-how to install them correctly the first time.

But industry conferences and expos offer a lot more than essential knowledge opportunities!


What Are Industry Conferences & Why They Matter

No matter which service industry you’re involved in, we can guarantee a conference is available to interact with like-minded individuals. Industry conferences compile a group of the best HVAC, plumbing, and remodeling players to come together and share experiences, updates, and tips and tricks.

For example, we recently attended the Best Practices Conference in Tampa, FL which drew in a crowd of about 1,700 industry specialists from all over the country. Businesses and organizations of all sizes are invited to attend and learn from keynote speakers and various classes.

While we’re not as large of a company as others in attendance, we knew this would be an excellent opportunity to gain valuable knowledge on how to actively work towards bettering our processes as a whole — inside and out. Even if you consider yourself an expert, you can always learn from someone else.

It’s All About Learning — THEN Having Fun

During the multiday event, we had the pleasure of hearing from over 50 invited speakers who shed light on their specific industries and how things have changed in the last year. These keynote speakers run lectures and classes throughout the conference, each lasting about an hour.

Topics covered during the classes include:

  • Customer Service Training
  • Human Resources
  • New Product Training
  • HVAC Industry Advancements
  • Introducing Manufacturers To Providers

Conferences and expos are a great place to gain valuable knowledge and a great setting to mingle with other contractors who service larger metropolitan zones outside ours, such as Dallas, Chicago, Boston, and St. Louis.

Since we are a smaller company than many of these folks, it allows us to adopt the aspects of the larger companies we admire and bring the best things back to our customers in South Western Oklahoma. But not just bring it back to them — but successfully implementing them too.

Then, after all our hard work, we loosen up our ties and mingle with contractors and business owners from every walk of life. We get to share a few laughs, stories, and notes from the past few conference days. In fact, we often see the same gaggle of friends at each event!


Our Drive For Perfection Keeps Us The Most Competitive
HVAC Service Team In SW Oklahoma

Attending as many industry conferences and expos is one way we actively work towards becoming the best team of service and installation people in Oklahoma. We bring a different manager from Robinson Air with us every time we are invited to a conference to spread knowledge to as many areas of our company as possible. 

We are incredibly proud of being the highest-rated HVAC service company in S.W. Oklahoma, but we never stop learning and adapting to our ever-changing industry. If your home or business is in need of affordable HVAC maintenance or service, contact Robinson Air HVAC today!