We Welcome Self-Proclaimed “Tough Customers” With Open Arms

October 14, 2022

We Welcome Local “Tough Customers”
With Open Arms

Contractors Get A Bad Rap — And We Don’t Blame Folks
For Being A Bit Cautious

Every once in a while, we get the pleasure of working with a S.W Oklahoma resident who proudly claims they’re a “tough customer.” Usually, “tough customers” are just sticklers for doing things properly, at the right price, and in the right amount of time, and they need a contractor who’s up to the task (by our Core Values, you can see we completely understand!).

Unfortunately, for your average homeowner, getting an HVAC contractor who can meet those requirements can be a stretch.

So when we get the opportunity to work with customers with the same drive for perfection as us, we welcome the challenge with open arms — even when circumstances are out of our control. As a company, we do whatever it takes to turn an experience from “manageable” to “This is the best group of people I’ve worked with!”

If you’re interested in learning more about who we are as individuals, feel free to visit our Meet Your Team page.

How We Handled One Particularly Tough Situation

Mistakes happen during every aspect of life, and even seasoned veterans slip up occasionally. The difference between genuine professionals and those looking for a quick buck is how the mistakes are dealt with, not the fact they happened in the first place. We’d like to share a story about a recent interaction with a “tough customer” we worked for named Wendy.

Wendy, let us know right off the bat she was proud to be a “tough customer” and that it was her way or the highway. She called us to come to her home and install her new HVAC system for her, but it had to happen on a specific day the following month.

During the scheduling period, neither Wendy nor our scheduling staff realized that the day Wendy requested was a national holiday — Labor Day. Since we don’t ask our employees to work on Labor Day and Wendy’s project was more than a month away, we figured we would have no problem scheduling a new install day.

It Wasn’t As Easy As We Thought

Well, as we already mentioned, Wendy needed her HVAC unit installed on a specific day. So when we called to let her know there was no way to install her new HVAC system on Labor Day, she was pretty unhappy with us.

At first, Wendy wouldn’t budge on changing the installation day. After all, we did already confirm with her we could do it. But after a bit of calling around, we gathered an Avengers-like group of Robinson team members who volunteered to come in on a Saturday to make it happen.

Since we could install Wendy’s HVAC system two days earlier than expected, her outlook on the entire experience was starting to shift. Mistakes were made, but that didn’t stop us from finding a solution that worked for Wendy.

At The End Of The Day, Our Installation Crew
& Trusted Associates Made This Project A Success

For someone who came into the project as skeptical as ever, we were starting to change Wendy’s preconceived notions about contractors. In our experience, customers become frustrated and upset over reasons extending past a little mistake.

Often it isn’t anything we purposefully did that aggravates customers, but rather things going on in their personal lives – for example, having to schedule a new HVAC unit and pay the expense.

Wendy was frustrated with us at first. Then, because of her interactions with our associate and installation crew, we turned the whole thing around, and she ended up extremely happy.

Upon installation day, the associate assigned to Wendy’s project came to her house with the installation crew to ensure everything was ready. He informed Wendy about what to expect during the process and alleviated her additional concerns. Then, the associate showed up multiple times throughout the project to make double and triple sure everything was perfect.

In the case of our customer service, Wendy’s project was no exception to our everyday expectations. We bring the same work ethic, attention to detail, and professionalism through to every project — big or small.

Being Able To Make Things Happen Is Important To Us

While other contractors would never give up a weekend to install an HVAC system, our team members are different. Their loyalty and love for the job is enough reason to answer the bat signal when needed — and those are the only type of people we hire here at Robinson Air.

If your home requires HVAC maintenance, repair, or replacement, contact the local experts who do whatever it takes to make things happen. You can Request A Service Quote by giving us a call at (580) 699-5760 — we look forward to hearing from you!