Learn About The 3 Important Phases Of Your HVAC Service Call

June 28, 2022

What To Look For During The 3 Important Phases
Of Your HVAC Service Call With Robinson Air

In S.W. Oklahoma, we take HVAC systems seriously…especially during our scorching summers and frigid winters. When something goes wrong, you need honest, hard-working professionals you can trust with a process that puts you, your comfort, and your budget before anything else.
Here at Robinson Air, we emphasize the three core phases of your experience after you give us a call. Over time these stages have been polished, perfected, and smoothed out so you can quickly get what you need without hassle!

Below, we’ll briefly dive into each.

Phase One: A Detailed Explanation Of The Issue

Let’s say your Heating System goes out smack-dab in the middle of August.

So, you pick up your phone and immediately give us a call.

This phase begins with an attentive conversation. Along with being courteous and friendly, our office staff are exceptional LISTENERS as well. Trust us, we’ve heard just about everything. We get a fair amount of emergency calls throughout the year, and when it comes to HVAC, we’re available around the clock (Learn more about Our 2 am Standard).

Once we meet you and have a rough idea of what’s happening, we’ll get a fantastic technician to your home. They’ll troubleshoot and then walk you through the issue (and what you’ll need to fix it) in plain language.

Phase Two: A Thorough Examination Of Your Options

After a Thorough Home Inspection and ensuring you’re informed, we’ll walk you through your options. No sales pitches. No marketing brochures. No product lectures in your living room. Instead, we’ll bend over backward to get you all fixed up in a cost-effective and convenient way.

Phase Three: Detailed Do-Whatever-It-Takes Workmanship

What if you need a full HVAC system replacement? Perhaps the current system is old, out of date, and costs too much to maintain. No problem. Whenever possible, we try to get complete removals and new installations done…the same day – especially if there’s an emergency or people in the home who don’t tolerate heat well.

Or, perhaps the next day. But as fast as humanly possible. Done right!

And one thing you’ll see for yourself is that our technicians LOVE what they do. They enjoy representing true, honest-to-goodness, old-fashioned Superior Workmanship (with a smile).

  • We’re used to dealing with obstacles.
  • We’re used to getting dirty and working in uncomfortable conditions.
  • We’re used to handling unique situations without getting frustrated or losing our customer-first determination.

We’re meticulous. We show respect for your home and property and make it a point to explain what we’re doing as it’s getting done so there aren’t any surprises…ever.

Bottom Line: You’ll Enjoy Your Service Call With Robinson Air

When it comes to keeping you and your family cool in the summer and cozy in the winter, having a great relationship with your local HVAC professionals really comes in handy! For decades we’ve been proudly serving the people of S.W. Oklahoma, and we have thousands of 5-star reviews to prove it. Reach out and Contact Us today, and let’s get you comfortable again!