Reliable HVAC Services When YOU Need Them MOST

December 13, 2022

Our Customers Love Our Unwavering Dedication To Reliability…And You Will Too!

We Treat Our Local Communities The Way We Want To Be Treated… It’s That Simple

In the busy world we live in today, many people simply don’t have the time to sit down and leave a review for a company they recently did business with. When they do… it’s often done in a fit of rage after something goes awry.

That’s why we feel so lucky for the thousands of genuine online reviews our customers took the time to write, especially when so many accurately reflect our core values as a company. On platforms across Internetland, the Robinson Air name is spoken of positively.

One of the most common traits that appear time and time again throughout our customer reviews is our unwavering dedication to unmatched reliability. Southwestern Oklahoma is notorious for scorching summers and frigid winters, so having a reliable HVAC company you can count on is vital.

Homeowners repeatedly choose our experts because they know we always have their best interests at heart — not our profits. Instead of nickel-and-diming folks or giving them the runaround, we treat them the same way we would our families.

Let’s explore a few awesome reviews from past customers.

Review #1: Keeping Families Cool In The Summer Heat

Amidst the hot summer of 2022, Robinson Air was able to install a completely new HVAC system for me in a matter of days after the old one in my house bit the dust. They had solid and flexible financing options to ease the financial stress of such a significant expense and went above and beyond.

Unlike summers in other places of the country, our extreme temperatures are accompanied by a lack of precipitation, making for more of a dry season than a typical summer. And with an average temperature of 94, the last thing you need is for your air conditioner to take a dirt nap.

So, when this customer had their HVAC system die out during one hot summer day, we knew we had to act fast. We do everything in our power to schedule services ASAP to reduce the time homeowners spend being uncomfortable.

HVAC services can vary in price, but we are sure to have an affordable financing option to fit any budget.

But what has impressed me the most is the kind of follow-up this company has. My system was installed barely two weeks ago, but I just received a package from the company consisting of a review card, a thank-you note, and a box of cookies — what a solid gesture from a company indicating that they CARE.

Our relationship with our customers doesn’t end after we have finished our ‘job.’ Homeowners can rely on us to ensure that their new HVAC system doesn’t just look nice but performs exceptionally long after we’ve left the job site.

And we think everyone can agree — cookies are always a plus!

Robinson Air is a class-act business! Every interaction and experience with this company has exceeded my expectations. I will always unequivocally recommend Robinson Air with every opportunity I have.

Review #2: No Pricing Games, Gimmicks, Or Ripoffs

I had called Robinson Air for a free estimate on some plumbing work at my house; I mostly wanted to see if the first company I called was giving me a fair price or ripping me off.

While we never know how many quotes a customer has already received, we approach every repair or installation job to provide a genuinely fair quote. We don’t fluctuate our prices to fit our mood or time of day; if we happen to be the lowest price around, then so be it!

After meeting the plumber and explaining everything the first company had found, they gave me an estimate that was less than a third of the competition’s price.

Having all the information we needed to provide an accurate quote over the phone is a rarity. Still, it saved this homeowner valuable time and money that it would take us to assess his home’s needs ourselves. The first contractor this homeowner called was obviously ripping them off in terms of value, but they identified the issue within the home, so we took over from there.

I scheduled an appointment that same day to get the plumbing fixed for the following week. They were easy to work with, super friendly, accommodating, and gave plenty of advice. They ensured I had no leaks and gave me a very affordable price. I couldn’t be happier with their service.

Our team of carefully selected professionals has the important task of upholding our company standards and providing the absolute best customer service wherever possible. If we can make it back to your home in less than a week after the initial consultation, we will make it happen.

Definitely will be going back for future plumbing and HVAC needs.

Review #3: Showing Up When We Say We Will… Not A Second Later

I had a new HVAC unit installed with a new thermostat. The technicians were here on time and started work immediately. It was a very rainy morning, but that did not slow them down. The entire unit, inside and out, was completed by mid-afternoon.

Like the old Postman’s motto, neither snow nor rain nor sleet nor heat will prevent our workers from accomplishing the task. Since HVAC units are known to fail from time to time from weather patterns and events, it would be pretty unfortunate if we couldn’t remedy the situation until the weather clears up.

We aren’t afraid of a bit of rain, especially if that means we can improve the lives of homeowners in the Southwestern Oklahoma area. We work quickly and diligently to install and repair HVAC systems and never leave you in the dark about when we will arrive at your home. Our word is our bond.

The techs were very professional, knowledgeable, and polite, and they cleaned up everything when they left. They also made sure I understood how to use the new thermostat. The house cooled down very quickly, and the new unit runs smoothly and quietly.

In the ever-changing landscape of smart technology, even the most mundane task of adjusting the thermostat can prove to be challenging at first — at least, it was for us! We had to learn the ins and outs of our equipment, which took forever at first, so we took the time to show the same courtesy to homeowners to avoid unneeded headaches.

They encouraged me to call if I have any questions or concerns. I highly recommend this company and its employees/technicians. Robinson Air is my forever go-to for HVAC and plumbing needs!

Your Home Could Be Our Next Success Story… Call Robinson Air HVAC Today!

If your home’s air conditioner or heating system is on the fritz, don’t wait until the last minute to bring in the professionals! We can have your home back up and running in no time, and we can even help tackle other problems around the house, such as solving plumbing issues or cleaning out your ductwork. 

We have served the Southwestern Oklahoma area for over 30 years and have a solid reputation in our community for reliable service when it matters most. Contact the experts at Robinson Air today by calling (940) 257-2810 — we look forward to hearing from you!